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29/04/17 Church Marquee Signs

28/04/17 You Can't Win

27/04/17 Lateral Wisdom

26/04/17 A Real Stayer

25/04/17 A Real Prayer

24/04/17 Cash and Carry...

23/04/17 Well, You Asked...

22/04/17 Oops!

21/04/17 Sympathy

20/04/17 Gee, thanks!

19/04/17 Vested Interest

18/04/17 A Valuable Animal

17/04/17 Kids Today

16/04/17 God's Provision

15/04/17 Speeder's Hymns

14/04/17 Move Over, Rover

13/04/17 Theme Songs For Bible Characters

12/04/17 Pastoral Visiting

11/04/17 Lateral Thinking

10/04/17 Kids Are Funny People

09/04/17 Ouch!

08/04/17 The Pentecostal Pet

07/04/17 Many a True Word.....

06/04/17 Which Service?

05/04/17 It Could Be Worse

04/04/17 Now You Tell Me

03/04/17 Thanks A Lot:

02/04/17 The Righteous Eat

01/04/17 An Arm and a Leg!

31/03/17 10 Reason Not to Wash


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