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While on his farm, an immigrant man had a vision and thought he saw the letters 'P.C.' in the sky. He interpreted that as 'Preach Christ' and felt he was called to be a preacher, though he had very limited reading and writing skills. His wife questioned her husband's ability and call to the ministry.
'Do you know the Bible?' she asked.
'Ya, I know da Bible from lid to lid.'
'Well, what part do you like the best?' she asked.
'Vell, I tink da New Testament. Man, dey like da parables da best.'
'Which parable do you like the best?' she continued.
'I tink I like da Parable of da Good Samaritan.'
'All right,' she said, 'Tell me the Parable of the Good Samaritan.'
'Ya, vel, many years ago a man vent from Jerusalem up to Jericho an fell among tieves, an dey stole his coat of many colours. An da torns grew up an dey choked dat man, and he met the Queen of Sheba. He did. An da Queen of Sheba gave dat man Joseph a thousand talents off gold, frankincense and myrrh. An he got into da chariot of fire an drove furiously, an ven he was driving under da big tree, his hair got caught in a limb, an left him hangen der. Ya, he hung der many days and nights, an da ravens brought him food to eat an vater to drink, an von night as he vas hangen der, his wife, whose name vas Delilah, came along an cut his hair, an he dropped an fell on stony ground, an it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.
He vent on an came to Jerusalem, an ven Jezebel saw this, she laft at him, an he said, 'Trow her down.' An dey trowd her down. An he said, 'Trow her down again.' An dey trowd her down 70 times 7 times, an of her fragments dey picked up 12 baskets full. Now I ask you, whose wife will she be in der judgment, ven dey separate da sheep from da goats?'
His wife said, 'Ollie, I don't think you will pass the seminary exam, and I'm sure that 'P.C.' meant for you ' 'PLANT CORN!'

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