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Q & A

Q. What passage is the first act of cannabalism recorded in the Bible?
A. 2 Kings 8:1
( Two Kings ate one, geddit? Never mind, try another )

Q. Who is the shrewdest businessman in the Bible?
A. Naoh, because he floated his stock while everyone else went into liquidation.

Q. Why do people think Noak wore a wig?
A. Because sometimes he was seen with Aaron and sometimes without Aaron.
( 'air on! Oh, do keep up )

Q. Who was the best baby sitter in the Bible?
A. David, because he rocked Goliath to sleep.

Q. Who was the first tennis player in the bible?
A. Jospeh, when he served in the King's court.

Q. Who is the largest person in the Bible?
A. The women of Samaria.
( Samaria. Sum area. No? OK, we'll let you off that one)

Q. Who is the smallest person in the Bible?
A. Nehemiah.
( Knee-high-Miah. What do you mean you heard it before? Tch! )

Q. Who is the fastest man in the Bible?
A. Adam because he was first in the human race.

Q. Where was the first ice cream parlour in the bible?
A. Walls of Jericho.
( Walls make ice cream in the UK. Non-UK residents are excused this one )

Q. Who was the only orphan in the bible?
A. Joshua, Son of Nun.

Q. Who was the first person to ride a motorbike in the Bible?
A. Joshua: his Triumph was heard throughout the land.

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