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357. Job Description For The Pastor

As nearly everyone knows, the Pastor has practically nothing to do except - 

Decide what is to be done; 
Tell somebody to do it; 
Listen to reasons why it should not be done; 
Listen to reasons why it should be done by someone else; 
Listen to reasons why it should be done in a different way; 
Follow up to see if the thing has been done; 
Discover that it has not; 
Inquire why; 
Listen to excuses from the person who should have done it; 
Follow up again to see if the thing has been done, only to 
Discover that it has been done incorrectly; 
Point out how it should have been done; 
Conclude that as long as it has been done, though incorrectly, it may as well be left as it is; 
Wonder if it is not time to get rid of the person who cannot do a thing right; 
Reflect that certainly any successor would be just as bad, or even maybe worse; 
Consider how much simpler and better the thing would have been done if one had done it himself in the first place; 
Reflect sadly that one could have done it right in twenty minutes, and as things turned out, one has to spend two days to find out why it has taken three weeks for somebody else to do it wrong.

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