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175. Cash and Carry...

A miserly rich man was nearing the end and he called three of his closest friends to his bedside: a doctor, a minister and a lawyer.

"They always say that you can't take it with you, he wheezed. "But I'm going to prove them wrong. He handed each of them an envelope. "Inside each envelope is fifty thousand dollars, evenly divided from my estate. I want each of you to throw your envelope in the grave with me just before they cover me up. You are the only ones I could trust to carry out my last wishes. And so saying, he expired.

Several days later at graveside services, they did as he asked. The three friends walked away in silence. Presently the clergyman spoke. "I have a confession to make, he started. "The church has desperately needed some major repairs, so I kept back $10,000 of the money to do it.

This prompted the doctor. "I, too, friends, must confess: the hospital needed a new wing, so I only threw in $10,000 and have already given the rest to the building fund.

The lawyer stared at the two chagrined men. "Gentlemen! I am shocked, and ashamed of you for keeping back part of the money. He turned to leave, with a grim smile. "I'll have you know, friends, that I threw in a personal check for the entire amount!

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