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204. You're Going to Die

The pastor started his sermon by saying, "Every member of this church is going to die." As the sermon progressed the minister noticed a gentleman gently smiling on the front row. 

From time to time the minister kept pushing his theme by repeating, "Every member of this church is going to die." Each time the minister repeated the theme, the guy smiled even more while everyone else in the congregation had a very sombre look.

The preacher repeated it several more times forcefully, "I SAID EACH MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH IS GOING TO DIE." Each time the phrase was repeated, the man smiled more. This really got the preacher wound up and he preached even harder. The man still smiled. 

As he neared the conclusion the preacher walked down off the platform to stand just in front of the smiling man and shouted, "I SAID EACH MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH IS GOING TO DIE." While everyone else was looking pretty grim from the prospects, the man was now almost laughing out loud. 

After the service the preacher jumped down off the platform and worked through the crowd to find the man. The preacher said, "I don't get it. Every time I said every member of this church is going to die, you were laughing. I want to know why you did that?" The 
man grinned confidently and replied, "I'm not a member of this church."

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