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Actual Bible College quotes! 2001

"When you boil water in the cattle the steam is very hot." (For "cattle" read "kettle")

"Sometimes I have my quiet time before I wake up in the morning."

"The spirit of the diseased will haunt the family that are living until they have sacrificed." (For "diseased" read "deceased")

"We read in the newspapers how the Pop travels around the world." (For "Pop" read "Pope")

"We need to read the Bible as a hole to determine what God's will is..." (for "hole" read "whole")

"Jesus expects the world to bow beaver Him." (For "beaver" read "before")

"Freedom of Religion has allowed Buddhists... to influenza the society." (For "influenza" read "influence")

"They say Jesus is just a good person like Guatemala, Krishna and Confucius." (For "Guatemala" read "Gautama")

"When I was growing up I was exposed to all sorts of evil...things like girls..." (ASM Application)

"The call on me to save God was so intense such that I could not just help it." (For "save" read "serve"; ASM Application)

"The draft faculty policy document "is a complication of all the policies made over the past few years." (For "complication" read "compilation") Faculty Meeting Minutes

"God allows His people to go through tuft times to test their faith." (For "tuft" read "tough")

"People should do good things and live sin..." (For "live" read "leave")

"...And surly I am with you always to the very end of the age." (For "surly" read "surely")

"...Jesus resurrection will bring about... our waling in newness of life." (For "waling" read "walking")

"the greatest single cause of atheism today is those who acknowledge Jesus with their but..." (Read "acknowledge Jesus with their mouth, but deny him with their lives.")

'First I am trying to start a relationship with people and missionaries that stay in Madagascar so that I have a staring point when I get there." (For "staring" read "starting")

"God will show me in which aria he wants to use me in." (For "aria" read "area")

"He is helping me to start care-to-shear groups that can look after me while I am on the mission field. (For "shear" read "share")

"I got an extension due to a power failure from the lecturer." (Read "I got an extension from the lecturer due to a power failure!")

"We are not to put the yolk of tradition upon their heads." (For "yolk" read "yoke")

"Israel went into the dessert and at Sinai God made a covenant with them." (For "dessert" read "desert")

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