Our call to ministry.




We look at both the blessings and obligations of our call.










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Any call, whether in the world or in the spiritual, has both 'blessings' and responsibilities.

When we are given a job promotion in the natural, we would normally have the blessings of status, greater job satisfaction and more money. However, to 'earn' these privileges we will correspondingly have greater responsibilities. Perhaps longer hours, harder work, responsibility for more staff or achieving budgets, etc.....

As at the workplace, there are two sides to the equation in the spiritual also.

Unfortunately however, the 'costs' of following Jesus are not as well publicised as the spiritual 'benefits'! Too much of our teaching and preaching is centered round what Jesus has done for us rather than what we are to do for Him!

Yes, salvation is free!


Romans 6:23



I do not need to go further here as we all know the blessings that have been promised those who walk with Jesus.

The unbalanced concentration upon the blessings however, has led to a weak, 'Father Christmas' view of God and the Christian life that has no foundation in reality and leads to 'new converts' becoming disillusioned with the false promises made and hope given of a free ride in life.

The 'power of the call' of Jesus carries with it both blessings and obligations.


Romans 6:18



And again..... 


1 Corinthians 7:22



We have been set free from sin, but called into a life of slavery! Of slavery to righteousness!

We remove one yoke only to have it replaced by another.

We move from the yoke of slavery to sin.....


Galatians 5:1



to an entirely different yoke, but a yoke nevertheless. In one of the most beautiful and comforting teachings of Jesus, He says..... 


Matthew 11:28-30



Yes, we are to move from the negative of slavery to sin to the positive of slavery to righteousness and holiness. 


Romans 6:22



The power of the call is not the present of a bottomless bank balance and a life of superficial happiness and ease, but rather, of a changed life, a life lived by following the example of Jesus. It is not necessarily easy..... 


Matthew 10:37-9



We are required to lose our own life in order to grow into the likeness of Jesus. 



A call has responsibilities as well as blessings. In the spiritual, it is a personal call to righteousness and holiness.

However, it is more than this. For it is a call for the individual believer to do the work of the Lord. This is a prime difference between the 'church view' and 'kingdom understanding'.

In reality, in spite of what is preached, under the church system we employ 'professionals' to do the work on our behalf. Pastors, priests, social workers, office staff, the list goes on. As people, we pay our tithe or offering to them to do the work of evangelism and provide the social services to which the whole body of Christ is called.


Matthew 28:19-20, John 13:29



The effectiveness of the church system in achieving these goals needs to be questioned.

Who Gives Two Cents for Missions? We Do, to Our Shame

Gene Edward Veith. World Magazine, October 22, 2005.

Of every dollar given to a U.S. Protestant church, the average amount that goes to overseas missions is two cents. In 1920 the church gave 10 percent of the total offering to missions, compared to today’s 2 percent. The church’s current spending practice seems to indicate an increased emphasis on internal operations and programs over the broader mission of the church.

So what is the answer?

Ironically, in the verses most used to justify the system of fulltime professional leadership, is the truth of what the leadership role truly is.


Ephesians 4:11-12



The work is to be done by the people, not professionals.

The reality of human nature in the division of work oriented society in which we live is that, as long as there are professionals to do the work, they will be given the responsibility to do it by those who pay them. No amount of preaching to the contrary will change this perception and reality.

Please do not get me wrong. I understand and appreciate the dedication and commitment of multitudes of pastors and leaders worldwide who are deeply committed to their churches and their people. I also understand your need to 'pay the bills' of day to day life. I understand that many of you could earn more money elsewhere, although for others, this is not the case.

Unfortunately though, the system is not working. In spite of the billions being poured into it, biblical goals are not being achieved. To the contrary, the major growth is happening in areas eg. China, where traditional systems do not exist.

From my understanding of church history, in broad principle, I have seen that God has raised groups of people operating in the Holy Spirit power, who have worked together to achieve the goals Jesus set out. Eventually however, each one has become formalised, paid professionals have been appointed, enthusiasm has waned, and another denomination formed. God then seeks another group who are prepared to be fully sold out to Him.

The key to fulfilling God's plan is a leadership and people that are one, so that all do the work.


<i>NEXT WEEK:</i> THE POWER OF THE CALL continues.....


We will look at ways of getting people more involved in doing the work. 




Our church setups have been developed to suit man rather than follow God's pattern.

The fact that only 2% of our income is spent on our 'core business' of spreading the Word, is both and indication and an indictment that we have got it wrong.

Our emphasis must change back to empowering the people to do the work. The people need to be convinced of their role in God's plan too!


The Coins of Jesus' Time

Herod I, the Great, 40-4 BC,AE 8 Prutot, 23mm. Tripod, date (year 3) and monogram in Greek (of king Herod)/Helmet, star above flanked by 2 palm branches This coin would have been in circulation when Joseph became betrothed to Mary.


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