Walking with Jesus:A unique mix of facts, fun and the Christian faith to entertain, inform and challenge you.


I have always been interested in the ‘sage sayings’ of others and have come up with a few myself, from time to time. However it wasn’t until the near the end of writing ‘Eagles Fly High!’ that over a period of a couple of weeks, the Lord gave me the inspiration for the series of ‘Taberneagle Thoughts’ that follow. This encouraged me to record other thoughts as they pop up in my mind.

Please, please, please, this is not another Book of Proverbs! It is simply the thoughts of one man – some hopefully inspired - others distinctly human. Take out of them what you will. I am not going to be offended if you disagree!

Finally, ‘knowledge of wisdom’ is not an end in itself. Applied wisdom or Godliness, is the necessary ingredient if we are to be the people that God desires us to be. This is well illustrated in the example of Solomon, who had great wisdom (1 Kings 4:29-34) but still succumbed to the ‘male temptations’ of ‘girls, gold and glory’, which led to the break-up of the Kingdom of Israel after his death. (1 Kings 11:1-43) It is most interesting that Solomon’s father, King David, who displayed an incredible lack of wisdom at times, was the one who won God’s favour as being "a man after my own heart." (Acts 13:22) A tremendous love for God leading to genuine repentance when he went wrong, were the keys to his success. There is hope then, for all of us! God’s grace rules supreme!

ON SEX (How to offend at least half the people all the time. But still, it is a part of life!)

1. The foolish know their strengths, the wise acknowledge their weaknesses and make allowances for them, while the godly seek to overcome them.

2. The foolish need wisdom, the wise godliness, the godly the character of Christ.

3. The foolish deny God; the wise acknowledge Him, while the godly experience their God.

4. The foolish seek pleasure on earth. The wise build treasure in heaven. But the godly seek to build heaven on earth.

5. Earthly possessions are perceived to be:
- Owned - by the foolish.
- Rented - by the wise.
- Administered - by the godly.

6. Our true heart is found in our wallet:
- The foolish spend all on themselves.
- The wise tithe 10% to the provider.
- The godly use all they have been given on the provider’s behalf.

7. The foolish reject God, the wise respect God, while the godly live for their God.

8. The foolish speak before they think, the wise think before they speak, while the godly let their lives speak for them.

9. The foolish are satisfied with reading the Word, the wise follow the Word, while the godly are as one with the Word.

10. The foolish listen to themselves, the wise listen to others, while the godly submit to spiritual oversight.

11. The lips of the foolish blaspheme God, those of the wise honour God, while the godly ones' lips glorify their God.

12. The foolish love pleasure, the wise find pleasure in love, but to the godly, pleasure is love.

13. Unity of fellowship is spurned by the foolish, acknowledged by the wise, but sought by the godly.

14. Foolishness is effortless, wisdom a gift, but godliness requires submission.

15. Satan loves the foolish, attacks the wise, but fears the godly.

16. Wisdom is easily read, takes time to acquire, but needs to be applied over a lifetime.

17. Fools believe they have all wisdom, the wise are prepared to learn from others, while the godly one's teacher is the Holy Spirit.

18. The foolish heart seeks only God’s blessings, the wise heart seeks to bless others, while the godly heart first blesses God.

175. The foolish keep all they have for themselves. The wise gives expecting the blessing to be returned. But the godly gives simply to bless God.

205. Foolishness is of the flesh, wisdom of the mind, but godliness comes from a heart right with God.

206. The foolish that go astray remain foolish, the wise become foolish, while the godly seek God's forgiveness.

207. David was a godly man who sinned but remained godly. His son Solomon, a wise man who sinned and became foolish. His son Rehoboam, a foolish man who sinned and remained foolish.

305. The foolish can seek wisdom, the wise godliness, while the godly grow into the image of Christ.

306. The foolish rest content in hope, the wise find faith, while the godly unreservedly love both God and others.

427. The foolish seek nothing, the wise, 'to do', while the godly desire 'to be'.

484. The foolish lust after instant pleasure, the wise seeks knowledge, while the godly yearn for God's truth.

485. Laziness begets foolishness, knowledge wisdom, but the truth, godliness.

870. The foolish one looks inwards, the wise outwards, but the godly, upwards.

1273. The foolish give seeking earthly return, the wise, to build up treasures in heaven, while the godly give their all out of love for God, with no need of reward.

19. God’s free gift to us is salvation; ours to others is – a smile.

307. God's gift of salvation is free, but to reap the full benefits, costs us our life.

308. Salvation costs us nothing, but cost Jesus everything.

20. God’s rest is a gift, but resting in God a way of life.

21. God’s rest is learned, not earned.

22. God’s rest is free, not earned. Rest in God is also free, but learned.

23. Gods rest is freely given, but rest in God must be freely learned.

24. A believer receives God’s rest, but a disciple rests in God.

309. Man seeks to strive for God. God wants us to rest in Him. Couldn't be easier, couldn't be harder!

310. God's rest is to be sought not only in death, but firstly in life!

311. Lord, teach me not to strive!

312. At work we seek rest. In God we strive to work. Something is wrong here!

313. Resting in God seems too easy to be religious. It is! And it isn't!

1304. The more we work on ourselves, the less opportunity God has to work in us.

25. To the believer Jesus is Saviour, but to the disciple he is also Lord.

26. The stairway to great faith is climbed one step at a time. A single leap courts disaster.

27. Our most dearly held beliefs often inhibit God’s further revelation to us.

28. The foundation of our spiritual house is to be built upon the solid rock of Jesus, the walls constructed using the insights of the fathers of the faith, while the ‘roof of truth’ is God’s revelation to us today.

29. As we grow in God, what we are to do assumes greater importance, than what we are not to do.

30. A new believer focuses upon the ‘thou shalt not’s’, while a mature disciple develops the ‘thou shalt’s.’ in their life.

31. God’s word is a two-edged sword, revealing both love and judgement.

32. To believe in God is good, to hear from God is great, but to obey God reaps the ultimate reward.

33. A man’s wisdom is based upon experience, but God’s wisdom comes through revelation.

34. It’s easy to be wise in theory, but a lot more difficult in practise!

314. The major difference between childhood and adulthood is taking responsibility. Many Christians dislike responsibility!

315. In nature, human growth occurs naturally. We expect the same in the Spiritual and get offended when others grow more quickly than us.

316. Human growth is measured in height, girth and wrinkles, spiritual growth by the 'fruit of the Spirit.' Often we confuse the two.

987. To see the view we must first climb the mountain.

988. Growing pains happen in the spiritual as well as the natural.

989. To grow in our God we must first shrink in our self.

990. 'Going down' is the secret to 'growing up' in God.

991. Without life's valleys we wouldn't truly appreciate the mountain tops.

992. 'No gain without pain' is truly also the dictum of the race of life.

993. The race of life goes round many corners.

994. The race of life is held on a cross country course, not on a cinder track.

995. Growth in God is in spurts, same as in the body. They are normally both challenging and satisfying at the same time.

1000. It's in the valleys of life we develop the strength needed to scale the mountain tops.

35. The biggest impediment for many in delaying a decision for Christ is the mistaken belief that the present ‘Age of Grace’ will never end.

36. God’s nature is finely balanced between love and judgement. As His love has predominated for the past 2000 years, how fearsome then must be the single Day of Judgement that is to come.

37. We know in life, that all good things come to an end. How is it then, that we continue to believe that the current age of God’s grace and mercy will go on forever?

38. Why is it that I continue to walk round and round the mountain when I know when the path to the top goes up?

178. God's gracious gift of grace is the reason to walk in truth, not an excuse to continue in sin.

317. God's graciously given grace gift gallantly galvanises garrulous, grateful gentiles!



40. Took a Speed Logic course. Can immediately jump to a conclusion. A very popular course, his one!

41. Took a Speed Memory course. Able to remember everything before it happens. Life’s now so dull!

42. Took a Speed Learning course. Now I know it all. Others have confirmed it! You already knew that!

43. God’s Slow Motion: 5 years of testing seems like 50! But then of course, that’s only for me!

44. Life’s Slow Motion: Everything takes twice as long as it used too. But it still gets done!

45. A Slow Hearer: The wife gets to the end of the story, just as I start to listen. (Kathy’s comment – "and won’t repeat it!")

46. A Slow Learner: Its taking me so long to go round the mountain, that others are racing past on their second lap!

- A RELIGIOUS PERSON follows rules to earn God’s favour.
- The CHRISTIAN delights in giving to God, in gratitude for what He has given us.
- MAN delights in turning ‘gifts to God’, into ‘rules of attainment’.
- GOD seeks an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE from a giver.

172. How we spend our money and time clearly reveals where we are at in God.

173. The world says, 'Blessed is one who receives', but the Lord says, 'Blessed is the one who gives.'

174. It is so easy to remember the gift, but to forget the giver.

176. Giving in the expectation of receiving a multiplied return, is an investment, not a gift.

318. Any gift given by us, pales into insignificance when compared to the gift given for us.

319. To give out of bounty is great, to give out of poverty, divine.

320. We cannot 'out give' God, but we could always try!

384. Giving should be the heart guiding the wallet, not the other way round.

59. God’s Word is bound to burn out long held prejudices and inspire new life goals. Please continue with the treatment until the full prescription, including repeats, is completed, for the programme needs to be fully assimilated. This will likely take a lifetime, requiring ongoing dedication and personal commitment to be truly effective. Success is assured if the Maker’s instructions are followed.

60. Oh for more than two cheeks to turn!

61. When holiness meets with helpfulness a harvest is reaped.

62. Jesus turns our human ‘LESS - ness’ into His ‘FULL - ness’.

63. From:
- restless to peaceful,
- hopeless to hopeful,
- careless to careful,
- thoughtless to merciful,
- mirthless to cheerful,
- powerless to powerful,
- humourless to gleeful,
- spineless to forceful,
- penniless to bountiful……..

64. The most precious gift I can give is my time.

65. In youth, time is measured as the grains of sand on the beach;
In middle age, by the thinning hairs on our head;
But in old age, each day is as precious as they all really were.

66. Be honoured when one gives you of their time, for it is an irreplaceable gift.

67. Time is more precious than gold, for it cannot be bought at any price.

206. We must remember that the past is gone, the future is yet to come, but what I am doing now is the reality of today.

207. The only stride in the race of life that we can instantly change, is the one we are now taking.

68. If I was given a dollar for every minute I have wasted in my life, I would be able to waste the rest of it in absolute luxury.

69. Time is not valued until it is running out.

70. Time is like any other commodity. When you have plenty of it, it is valueless but when it is short, it is priceless.

71. Time is an illusion. At first it appears plentiful, but suddenly disappears into thin air.

72. Let’s not think, “if only I had time,” but rather how best to use, “the only time I have.”

73. The most precious gift we can give is often the least appreciated – our time.

74. “If only I had time” is more often an excuse than a reason.

75. Life is like a one-foot rule. We inch our way along it until inevitably falling off the far end.

76. Life and time are inversely proportional. The older and slower we get, the faster time goes.

77. What is the one thing that cannot be stored for future use? Time.

78. There is nothing on earth as perishable as time.

79. The difficult takes time, the impossible a little longer.

80. Time is a fine servant but a harsh master.

81. Love and time walk hand in hand.

254. There is never enough time to learn all I should know, but plenty of time to make all the mistakes I should know not to make!

321. Time is like the air we breathe. We don't appreciate it until it runs out!

322. The 'old days' were golden - upon reflection that is!

323. Time makes the heart grow fonder but the memory less reliable.

324. 'What could have been' is the product of time past, 'what can be,' the promise of time to come.

325. It's no use crying over spilt milk - or lost time.

326. Time is an irresistible force - until it meets that irresistible object called 'death.'

327. Time cannot be beaten - so why not try working with it, rather than against it.

328. Time and true love are the two luxuries that money can't buy.

329. In the battle of life, time wins and we lose. We rest more contentedly once we accept this inevitability.

330. By the time we appreciate that time is truly precious, most of it has already passed us by.

331. Time is a master of extremes; for 'African Time' is the curse of Africa, 'busyness,' that of the West.

332. Time is a great healer, but one not appreciated until it's soothing balm is experienced.

333. Work shared is time saved.

334. The greatest time saver in the world is the 'Off' button on the TV set.

335. Modern appliances save us time so that we may work the longer hours required to afford them!

336. Labour saving devices are amazing. The more labour we save, the busier we get!

337. Isn't it time we took control of time?

338. Mankind is more productive than at any previous time in history, yet somehow, we have even less time than ever to enjoy it!

339. Unfortunately, it takes time to gain the experience to save time. This is a compelling reason to learn more from the experience of others.

340. True love is magnified by the passage of time.

405. The world's greatest motivator has always been, and remains, the 'last minute.'!

406. The curse of time came into being as the result of the sin of Adam. It remains with us today.

407. Man has conquered space but never, the curse of time.

431. We may plan for the future, but can only live in the present.

432. It is amazing how quickly our tomorrows become yesterdays.

433. The one event we can't control in our lives, is the moment the first becomes the last!

82. Sparrows can only twitter in the foothills while eagles soar to the mountaintops. Why then, are there so many more sparrows than eagles?

83. Nobody told the bumblebee that he cannot fly – so he does!

84. If the bumblebee can fly, so can you and I.

85. Only eagles fly high!

341. Unfortunately, there are many more people in life who would rather see you fly low than high. They want company!

342. The higher the mountain, the fewer who are prepared to climb, but the greater the rewards.

343. It's a lot less crowded on the mountaintops!

344. It's only the unsuccessful who have the secret of 'easy success'!

345. You can only get to the top of the mountain by starting from the bottom.

346. If you don't start, you will never finish!

ON SEX (How to offend at least half the people all the time. But still, it is a part of life!)
86. Men are inefficient sexual machines – thinking about it far more than doing it.
Women however, don’t think about it as much - often even when doing it.

87. Sex is like riding a bicycle – once learned, never forgotten – although technique can always be improved.

88. Sexuality and self-worth are intimately intertwined.

89. Holiness is not found in sexual abstinence but rather in sexual purity. Abstinence is tough, purity even tougher.

90. Children have little trouble in accepting the ‘immaculate conception,’ for surely their parents couldn’t have ‘done it’! I was young once…….

91. God made men and women to be different. Men give love for sex, women, sex for love.

92. Time heals slowly, love faster, while forgiveness increases the speed.

93. Forgiveness lubricates the healing that both time and love bring.

94. Time heals, love heals better, but only forgiveness heals totally.

95. He who has suffered the greatest rejection, most appreciates the comfort of God’s acceptance.

347. God's love is bigger than any human hurt.

348. The secret of inner healing is to draw nearer to God, not run away like most of us do.

349. The bigger the problem, the bigger we can discover our God is.

96. Definition of a worrier – one who worries that they have nothing to worry about.

97. I can never catch up with my worries, for they are all about tomorrow.

98. Rarely does tomorrow’s worry become today’s problem.

99. Today’s worry rarely solves tomorrow’s problems.

100. An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but a worry a day keeps him fully employed.

101. Repentance is when you change a ‘worry’ into a ‘sorry.’

102. Laughter is the only medicine I know where the side effects are even more beneficial than the medicine itself.

103. After birth on earth, a dearth of mirth reduces self-worth, leading to an increased girth.

208. The ultimate worrier does not have the time to concern themselves with today or tomorrow for they are still too busy worrying about what happened yesterday.

356. An optimist tackles a problem while the worrier lets the problem tackle them.

357. Magicians and worriers both create illusions. Magicians entertain others, while worriers entertain themselves.

358. Worry is like the fast breeder nuclear reactor, which feeds upon itself. Unsurprisingly, neither has proved to be of lasting benefit to mankind.

359. Somehow, it seems easier to build a mountain of worry than a molehill of achievement.

360. A worry a day keeps the psychiatrist in business.

104. ‘Earthly Success’ is based upon achievement, ‘Godly Success’ upon relationship.

105. ‘To be, not to do, that is the answer.’ (with apologies to Shakespeare)

106. God desires our ‘being’ much more than our ‘doing’.

107. God prefers ‘ones self’ to ‘ones works’.

108. In God’s order ‘works’ should proceed, not precede, relationship.

109. On earth favours lead to friendship, while with God, friendship leads to blessings.

110. Money is slippery – hard to grasp and even harder to hold on to.

111. Earthly achievement’s are fleeting, a heavenly investment eternal.

112. Being a Christian is both to give and to for-give.

113. Nothing is less conspicuous than a famous man’s grave.

114. Having control over ones self is of much greater worth than having control over others.

115. You must clamber over the rocks of failure in order to ascend the mountain of success.

116. It takes the Holy Spirit to transform a ‘churchian’ into a ‘Christian’.

117. The world will meander, as long as men philander.

118. Sleep refreshes body, mind and spirit, but you have to wake up to experience the benefits.

119. Failure is often the first rung on the ladder of success.

120. 100% success is unattainable, but 100% effort is available to all.

121. Easy success breeds arrogance, but success hard-earned, builds character.

122. God accepts us as we are. As we learn to accept this, he develops us into what we can be.

123. Let failure breed experience, not despair.

124. A failure learned from is a step towards success.

125. God specialises in turning worldly failures into heavenly successes.

126. Worldly success is fleeting, heavenly glory, eternal.

127. Worldly success is like the rainbow – beautiful for all to see for a short time. Heavenly glory is that elusive pot of gold, which once found never decays.

128. At the end of the fleeting, worldly glory of the rainbow, the unseen, eternal, heavenly pot of gold is found.

129. Don’t be seduced by the fleeting rainbow, but rather, search for the eternal pot of gold.

130. The pathway to a successful life is built with many paving stones of failure

131. The Jesus in us, makes us invincible in Jesus!

132. Life brings strife. Overcoming strife brings back life.

169. Challenge and opportunities are bedfellows. For the one is inevitably born out of the other.

209. On God's 'Order of Merit' a Z+ far exceeds an A- as effort outranks ability every time.

361. Earthly success is an aphrodisiac, while heavenly success requires fertilisation, labour pains and new birth.

362. We live in an instant society where sadly, momentary success is preferred to eternal glory.

363. Earthly success is like instant coffee. Quick and easy to make but lacking the aroma, taste and satisfaction of the real thing.

364. Earthly success is elusive and fleeting, heavenly glory, certain and everlasting.

365. Success in life after death has more appeal than success in life, for tombstones tell me it is longer lasting!

366. Death is the greatest leveller of human achievement.

367. Inevitably, human success results in - death!

871. Life experience has taught me that success is found by looking outwards and upwards, rather than inwards.

976. In order to find the way, we need to know where we want to go.

977. Every end has first had a beginning.

978. To arrive, we must first leave.

979. To win the race we must first respond to the starter's gun.

980. A race isn't won at the starting gun, but at the finishing tape.

981. The reward of training is found in the result of the race.

982. In the race of life, 'ability' is easily outrun by 'stick-ability'.

133. In marriage the two become one flesh, but still have two minds.

134. A successful marriage is a process, not an event.

135. While men philander, the family meanders.

136. Women (men). Love to love them – would love to understand them!

137. The ‘secret ingredient’ of a successful marriage is ‘mutual commitment’.

138. True love equals commitment.

139. God gave Eve to Adam as the perfect companion. The last thing they agreed upon was to eat the forbidden fruit. Nothing has changed.

140. Adversity proves true love.

141. Adversity makes or breaks marriages.

142. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but too long an absence leads the heart to wander.

368. The most satisfying thing in parenthood is when children become friends.

369. When the family founders, society sinks.

370. A successful society is built upon the foundation of fully functional families.

371. Society is simply a gathering together of families. Therefore it is simply impossible for society to be better than the family foundation it is built upon.

548. A nation's true wealth is best measured by its families' health.

1274. It would be miserable being married to the perfect spouse. They would always show you up and you would have nothing to grizzle about - except their perfection!

143. Present faith is built upon our past experiences of its results.

144. Faith is like a baby – it needs to learn to crawl and to walk before it can run.

145. Faith is like dropping a stone into a pond. The small circles enlarge with time.

146. A single step of faith is necessary to start the marathon of life.

147. One step of faith is worth ten thousand words of talk about it.

148. Faith is but one small step for God, but viewed as a giant step by us.

149. The dropping of a small stone in the centre, ripples the entire pool of faith.

150. As we build a reservoir of faith experience, so our power generation capacity increases.

151. Enacting God-given faith is easy, for He never lets us down.

152. FEAR is the inability to affect the unknown.

153. FAITH is the ability to prevent the unknown affecting you.

154. ULTIMATE FEAR is the uncertainty of future hope when death threatens.

155. ULTIMATE FAITH is the certain hope of life after death.

254. You can't truly live by faith until you have nothing else to live on.

255. Our faith is like the air we breath. It is only the current breath that gives life.

256. As we build our faith, so faith builds in us.

257. Past faith is but a memory, future faith but a dream, but today's faith defines our relationship with God.

258. Our faith ebbs and flows as the tide, but God's faithfulness never wavers.

259. While yesterday's faith is but a memory, it provides the inspiration to reach higher today.

260. Funnily enough, faith to move mountains, is generally given to those first prepared to remove the mountain of rubbish from their own lives.

261. The journey of faith starts with a single step.

262. Faith is a current stock item, available to all. Some however leave it on the shelf for fear the price may be too high.

263. Faith is one of the few things in life where the more you take, the more you get given.

264. If faith was easy, it would be of little value.

265. Faith to God is like breathing to life. Without it we are spiritually dead.

266. To believe in the essential goodness of man is perfectly normal. But to believe in God takes too much faith. Something is basically wrong here!

267. We all hope for a better future. But few are prepared to exercise the faith required to guarantee it!

268. Hope gives you but a shovel to dig, while faith removes the mountain itself.

269. Faith is the means God uses to move the mountain. Beats a bulldozer every time!

270. The one who continues to build their faith will be blessed beyond measure.

271. Faith breeds faith.

272. True faith is exercised to attain God's desires, not our own.

273. Building faith in God builds faith in oneself - in God.

275. We must exercise faith to accept God's grace. But once done, God returns the compliment in unlimited measure.

276. God creates a mountain of faith out of a molehill of obedience.

277. Grace and faith make God's world go round.

278. Hope is expressed through faith. Faith is expressed through love.

279. For God so loved the world that He gave... us grace and faith.

280. Faith and doubt are constant companions. For it is only in accomplished faith that we see the devil's defeat.

281. If there is no room for doubt in faith, there was no need for faith in the first place.

282. 'Blind faith' is 'blindingly blind'!

283. Doubt is to faith as butter is to bread.

284. Faith involves seeing the goal before it is achieved. Therefore, 'blind faith', by definition, must be a contradiction in terms.

285. A Christian without faith is like a newly beheaded chicken. Running round aimlessly flapping its wings, before collapsing in a heap - 100% dead.

288. Faith brings life. Without faith, we die in the Spirit.

289. We can have the faith of the sparrow, the dove or the eagle. Our choice determines the height to which we can soar.

290. Exercising faith releases further faith. (These sayings - good or bad - are an example of it!)

291. Dreams are centred in hope, accomplishments in faith.

292. Without dreams there is no hope, but without faith, no reality.

293. Without challenges there can be no accomplishments. Faith lubricates the challenges and drives the accomplishments.

294. As we grow in God, so our hope is expressed through faith and our faith through love.

295. Faith in mankind will occasionally generate human love, but godly love is a requirement of faith in Christ.

296. Lose faith and die.

297. A young person without faith rapidly grows old, while vibrant faith keeps us young at heart.

298. When we give up on faith we give up on life.

299. Other's faith is an encouragement, but can never substitute for our own.

300. Dreams may be shared, but faith must be experienced.

301. Faith is to heaven as doubt is to hell.

302. Faith builds, doubt destroys.

303. An ounce of faith in God's hand is worth a tonne of mans self-belief.

304. Ten men of faith will defeat ten thousand without.

418. Faith and risk are constant companions.

419. Our bucket of faith is filled one drop at a time.

420. Faith is like walking up a hill. You get to the top one step at a time.

421. When you reach the top of the mountain of faith, you look round at the view and see an even bigger mountain to climb.

422. Faith moves mountains - shovel by shovel!

423. Faith comes through experience, not learning. Ask the bumblebee!

424. Faith is god's gift to the poor, for it is often all they have.

425. Desperation breeds faith or despair. We make the choice.

426. Comfort kills faith.

483. True faith is the ability to accept the truth, particularly when it conflicts with the understanding of our circumstances.

874. Genuine faith is reflected in heartfelt action.

875. Faith is not merely of the mind, but permeates our life.

876. What 'I believe' is confirmed by what 'I do'.

877. 'To believe' and 'to do' are twin branches of the same tree, nourished by the one root.

156. In God, being led to lead is a calling. Leading when not led, guarantees an appalling mauling!

157. A Christian leader is but an ordinary person called to an extraordinary task. Both leaders and the led need to be reminded of this!

158. Worldly leadership builds up self, but godly leadership builds up others.

159. In God, understanding and sharing vulnerabilities is a sign of maturity and success, not an acknowledgement of failure.

160. In God, if you’re not led to lead, you’ll be bled to death.

161. To lead or be led? The difference is ‘a’ for attitude!

162. Only God has the required glue to attach ‘super’ to ‘natural’.

372. To be a leader in the world is difficult, in the church, impossible. However, with God's help, we can do the impossible.

373. God loves obedient leaders.

374. Leaders are not God - for only God is perfect.

375. Our leaders are not God substitutes. They too, make mistakes, just as we do.

376. Truly godly leaders are more precious than diamonds - and equally hard to find.

377. The Bible tells us that there is only one God. Some leaders need to be reminded of this fact.

163. True repentance is - a godly principle applied.

164. Personal repentance is a verb, not an adjective.

165. True repentance is an action that results in a life changing reaction.

166. Show me one who walks in forgiveness and talks with their wallet, and I will show you a true believer.

167. It is amazing how a sprinkling of forgiveness can calm a raging sea of hurts.

168. Sadly, the human mind subtly subverts the holy, ‘I Am’, into the unholy, ‘I am’!

187. Forgiveness is unique. The more you give the more you get.

188. Forgiveness is the one thing you can have more of by giving it away.

189. There are two inexplicable things in life - that the bumblebee can fly and that the more forgiveness I give, the more I get.

190. Forgiveness flies away, a leaf borne by the wind, soon to be returned upon the wings of an angel.

378. Medicine heals the body, while forgiveness heals the soul.

379. Forgiveness is a mind soothing balm.

380. Repentance brings peace with God - forgiveness, peace with ones self.

381. The simplest way to avoid repentance is not to sin. All too often I forget to follow my own advice!

1305. True revival is built upon the foundation of tears.

47. I’m far from perfect – but allowing God to work on it!

48. Our highest call is to be the ‘Living Word.’

49. We are to be dependent upon God, interdependent amongst each other, and independent of the old nature.

50. The 3 ‘H’s’ of our walk in God – Holiness, ‘Helps’ and Harvest.

51. Salvation yields a 30 fold harvest, the Spirit a 60 fold harvest, but obedience a 100 fold harvest of that which was sown.

52. Religious titles are but a human invention, for every minister is to be God’s servant.

53. God desires the ‘height’ of relationship, while man prefers the ‘distance’ of fame. As we seek His heights so He will provide distance to our ministry.

54. Life brings strife. Overcoming strife brings back life.

55. ‘New birth’ on earth, removes a dearth of mirth, increasing self worth and spiritual girth! (Inspiration from the Firth of Perth!)

56. Only fools make up rules for God’s principles never change.

57. The ‘5-G’ Principle. A ‘GIVER’ Gratefully Gives God Gracious Gifts.

170. There are but two types of people in the world. Those who replace an empty toilet roll and those who don't.

171. Have you noticed how the most 'holey' socks always find their way to the top of the pile?

179. The one thing you can rely upon is the unreliability of weather forecasts.

191. Earthly governance is based upon society imposed rules but godly governance requires individuals to care for each other.

194. Earthly governance is imposed from without, but godly governance bubbles up from within.

192. 'To be or not to be?', that is Shakespeares question. 'To be and to do', that is God's answer.

193. In the human body, pain facilitates the healing process. Unfortunately it's the same in the spiritual!

197. A life without pain is a life devoid of feeling.

195. Men generally think of a group in terms of averages, while women view it as a collection of individuals.

196. Men tend to focus upon the group, women upon individuals. So women find God more easily than men.

204. We must remember that without individuals, there would be no 'Law of Averages'.

198. Before complaining about pain, ask a leper if they would like pain in their life.

199. I would have a great body if I ate less, exercised more and became a year younger with every birthday! Therefore I am greatly relieved that God is interested in the state of my soul!

200. The best way to find happiness is to give it away to others.

201. Every time we forego excellence in favour of the average, we succeed in lowering the average.

202. A procrastinator would get a lot more done if they lived tomorrow, today.

203. To overcome procrastination, live tomorrow today.

214. A truly wise person is quick to listen but slow to answer.

248. Life experience has taught me that the most 'forthright' are more than likely to be the most 'forthwrong'.

249. Enthusiasm wins the sprint, perseverance the marathon, while enthusiastic perseverance maximises performance in the race of life.

250. Life experience has taught me that 'much fuss' hinders results while 'little fuss' reaps great rewards.

251. People find it much easier to find solutions to the problems of others than to face up to their own.

252. Strength is not a matter of opinions, but of purpose.

253. Many mean to 'find the way', but few seek 'The Way' to find life's answers.

274. An Olympic Gold Medal will soon tarnish, but God's reward is eternal.

286. An inspiration lasts for but a moment. An inspiration written down can bless others for generations.

287. If all those godly inspirations lost to memory had been recorded, we would now be much greater in wisdom. Also in filing cabinets!

293. Without challenges there can be no accomplishments.

367. FOR SALE - Free mansions in the sky. Over 1.5 billion sold but still a few left. All enquiries to Jesus.

428. Our human desire is 'to do', but God wants us 'to be'.

429. Our job is 'to be', so that God can use us 'to do'.

550. How is it that those who hate mice can still manage to operate a computer?

551. How is it that ‘back seat drivers’ usually sit in the front passenger’s seat?

552. Heroism is in the eye of the beholder.

553. You may know how to get there but you first have to know where to go!

554. For another to believe you is good, to believe in you, life giving.

555. The quickest way to get feedback is to make a mistake.

556. If you don’t think anyone is listening, make a mistake and you will be sure to find out!

557. To be believed pleases the mind, to be believed in, builds up the soul.

558. Hope is of the mind, faith of the heart, but true love is our expression of God’s will.

559. Prophecy is powerful when confirmed by the Word.

560. Mankind loves words, God desires action.

810. Grace is God working in us, in order to work through us.

868. Sovereign 'Sonship' is birthed in sacrificial servanthood.

869. God designed 'the Church' to be the means, not the end.

872. The humanist looks inwards, the activist outwards, but truth is found in looking upwards.

873. To 'win' God we must first 'lose' ourselves.

1076. A dose of adversity is the best treatment for a swollen ego.

1272. Practice makes 'less imperfect'.

1275. We can make a world of difference by being different to the world.

1276. For Christ, the world is won one by one!

1312. Theology is based on knowledge while understanding is grounded in relationship.

1313. Our best sermon is our life.

1314. Sadly, many Christians are more concerned about the Bible version you read than the Bible you live!

1316. It is great to LOVE the Word, but it is God's desire for us to LIVE the Word. What a difference a letter makes!

177. Earthly prosperity is 'just a little more'. But heavenly prosperity is learning to be content with what the Lord has given.

382. There is no absolute measure of prosperity for our perception of it relates to what we see others have. I wonder what God sees?

383. The problem with prosperity is that we all want to own God's 'cattle on a thousand hills' personally.

385. It is a sad fact that if the rich gave all they had to the poor, poverty would merely be delayed, not allayed.

811. In the Old Testament, success is measured by prosperity, in the New, by sacrifice. Many believers prefer to live in the past!

812. May I learn to rest content with my 'daily bread'.

813. There is no problem with prosperity, only our definition of it.

814. In the Old Testament, prosperity is provision for the future, in the New, sufficiency for today.

815. Worldly provision comes through people, godly provision through the Providor, for whom people are but one resource.

816. Jesus redefined prosperity from wealth for the future to provision for today.

1223. The curse of prosperity is its uncanny ability to draw our attention away from God.

1224. For most, prosperity is a magnet that attracts people away from its source.

1225. Prosperity comes, prosperity goes, but God's provision is eternal life.

1226. Prosperity is human indulgence, sacrifice, a godly command.

1227. Faith is of more value in affliction than in prosperity.

1228. A general rule in God's economy is that faith grows through affliction, but dies with prosperity.

1229. Want to build your faith? Then ask God for affliction, not prosperity. Not surprising there is so little faith today!

1230. It is an enigma to me to see the carparks at prosperity preacher's meetings full of old jalopies!

1231. History proves that God's kingdom grows faster through affliction than prosperity.

180. Man seeks the body beautiful, but God embraces a beautiful heart.

181. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Man sees the body, God the heart.

182. The world's finest cosmetics are produced by a beautiful heart.

183. Time ravages the body but perfects a beautiful heart.

184. In the "Beauty Stakes", 'The Body' makes the early running, but 'Beautiful Spirit' always comes through to win the race.

386. It is often said that in old age, "The spirit is willing, but the body is weak", but too often in youth, "The body is willing, but the spirit is weak." However, when you find "a young body with a willing spirit", it is indeed a powerful force for God.

387. The body - memories, memories!

388. The body performs better when lubricated by the oil of the Spirit.

389. Youth and exuberance normally drifts into age and experience. But age with experience and exuberance - now there's a winning combination!

185. Death is the one certainty in life.

186. Death is the safest bet of all. Unfortunately however, we won't be round to collect the dividend!

390. Death is not a 'problem' but an 'opportunity' - if we have made the correct preparations beforehand.

391. Why do so many choose to make death the end, when it should be just the beginning?

392. On earth, there is life and death, in heaven, death and life.

393. Many people would like a second chance at life. We all get one actually - after death!

394. Isn't it amazing how our character improves, after we die!

395. If only people would say to us now, the things they say about us at our funeral, the world would be a happier place.

210. It's hard to be humble when you always win. So God doesn't let that happen!

211. Learning humility in defeat trains us to remain humble in success.

212. Boasting is of the human heart, but humility is God's heart for us.

396. True humility cannot be generated in the mind, for it comes from our spirit.

397. True humility arises when confidence in God overcomes confidence in ones self.

398. Humility is a positive attribute, not a weakness.

399. False humility reflects weakness, but true humility exudes godly strength.

400. The truest expression of a godly character is reflected in humility.

1306. True humility is 'putting Jesus first' in our life.

213. United we stand, divided... God will wait upon another generation.

401. Unity in Christ is so close to God's heart but so far away from ours!

402. Why do we keep asking God for more strength, when He has already given us the answer - unity!

403. We keep looking for the unity of one world government to arise in the nations, but constantly fail to seek it in the church.

404. The Godhead is the ultimate example of how a many faceted Church is to become united as one.

996. Unity cannot be imposed from without, but needs to grow from within.

997. True unity is birthed in the Spirit, not imposed through a structure.

998. Unity develops in times of oppression. Bring on oppression Lord!

999. Satan divides, the Spirit unites. Who is winning the battle of your life?

214.-235. Discipleship is...

... doing the right thing because we want to, not because we are expected to.

... being a servant both to God and man.

... honouring God with body, soul and spirit.

... loving the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind.

... being 100% committed to the Lord's cause.

... putting the Lord first in all things.

... placing the Lord's desires ahead of our own.

... applying the Lord's will to our mind and emotions.

... accepting the Lord's correction graciously.

... being joyful in the Lord - even while being corrected!

... subverting our will to His.

... centred upon giving rather than receiving.

... becoming a little more like Jesus every day.

... being prepared to die for our Lord.

... honouring and worshipping God as Lord, rather than a 'holy Father Christmas.'

... being the one God would like us to be.

... placing God's needs and others godly needs ahead of our own.

... helping others attain to their ministries, even to the expense of our own.

... being Jesus to others.

... retaining the joy of the Lord in times of personal sadness.

... putting wrongs right - graciously!

... walking as one with the Lord, night and day.

878. 'A disciple' has no need of 'a title'.

879. A disciple turns words into actions.

880. Believers believe, while disciples live what they believe.

1315. A disciple 'walks the walk', not just 'talks the talk'.

236. A believer praises the Lord in good times, the disciple at all times.

237. The Holy Spirit resides in the believer but shines through the disciple.

238. A believer loves God with heart and mind while a disciple commits the will.

239. A believer loves God and others, but they are the disciple's life.

240. A believer lives in hope, but for the disciple, God's hope is certain.

241. A believer seeks forgiveness for sin but the disciple also determines not to walk that path again.

242. A believer has faith in God but the disciple's faith is tempered in the fire of testing.

243. A believer loves the Lord, but the disciple's love is unconditional.

244. The believer serves the Lord in strength, but the disciple is made perfect through weakness.

245. God is part of the believer's life, but the central focus of the disciple.

246. A believer forgives, but the disciple also forgets.

247. A believer communicates with God at their own convenience, but the disciple's heart is open to the Lord at all times.

430. A believer knows, but the disciple does.

1077. Believing is free, discipleship costs your life.

351. The more I discover about God the more I realise there is to know.

352. The closer I get to God, the more I realise how big He is and how small I am.

353. While God graciously accepts me as I am, His desire is for me to become more like Him.

354. When God moves, the results are beyond our imagination. Why then do we try and do His work ourselves?

811. Sanctification is 'the means', holiness 'the end'.

408. The only way to turn off darkness is to switch on the light.

409. The laws of both Nature and the Spirit reveal that light will always penetrate darkness.

410. Most people try to switch off darkness when in reality, they need to turn on the light.

411. There is nowhere so dark that it cannot be penetrated by light.

412. So often we don't appreciate the true value of light until we find ourselves in darkness.

413. Light doesn't shine brightly through a dirty window.

414. We must pull back the curtains to let light shine into the room of our life.

415. Light and darkness cannot co-exist. The one will always mingle with the other.

416. There must always be a barrier to separate light and darkness.

417. There are only two ways to turn light into darkness - building walls to exclude the light, or turning the light off at its source. The second is by far the easiest.

1276. For the darker the darkness, the brighter the light will be seen that shines within it.

434. Knowledge is subject to change, while truth stands firm.

435. Man seeks truth. God is truth. Shouldn’t then, man seek truth through God?

436. The one who claims to have all the answers cannot have been asked all the questions.

437. Truth is perceived through our ‘life filters.’ Unfortunately no two filters are the same!

438. The greater the truth revealed, the more room for human error to be concealed.

439. Since God is the sole source of absolute truth, shouldn’t we seek the mind of God?

440. The more of God in us, the greater our potential to reveal His truth.

441. Knowledge is too often confused with truth.

442. Yesterday the world was flat, today it is round, but God’s truth is the same forever.

443. Knowledge is fleeting, truth eternal.

444. If I knew everything in the world, I would be most confused!

445. The pursuit of knowledge is excellent, the pursuit of truth, unsurpassable.

446. The more I learn, the less I know, so to my God I’d rather go.

447. Truth is like tightening a nut. There is only a small difference between maximum effectiveness and stripping the thread.

448. Human knowledge corrupts. Absolute knowledge corrupts absolutely.

449. Knowledge seeks truth but only God can reveal the truth.

450. Truth provides the foundation upon which the house of knowledge should be built.

451. Knowledge is relative, truth absolute. Problems arise when we confuse the two.

452. If I have all knowledge in the world but have not the truth, I am as nothing.

453. Computers are able to process endless knowledge, but only humans can discern truth.

454. God created mankind to live in His truth. Satan’s temptation is to live in earthly knowledge. Which will we choose?

455. Satan was the first to substitute knowledge for truth. His plan hasn’t changed.

456. Knowledge is subject to rust and decay, but truth is golden.

457. Seek knowledge to wander, but truth to wonder at God’s great glory.

458. Worldly knowledge fills our brain, but godly understanding fulfils our life.

459. All the knowledge in the world will be of no worth on the Day of Judgement.

460. Knowledge puffs up, truth humbles.

461. I desire knowledge, but desire God's truth even more.

462. Knowledge so easily kills the Spirit in us. But Spirit inspired knowledge changes the world.

463. Satan uses knowledge to kill the Spirit within. Now God is using Spirit inspired knowledge to return the favour.

464. Knowledge is partial, truth complete.

465. Man’s truth is revealed in the world, God’s truth in the Word. One ‘l’ of a difference!

466. Understanding the truth is just one small step for God, but a giant leap for mankind.

467. Knowledge binds up, while the truth sets free.

468. Knowledge is to doubt as truth is to faith.

469. Knowledge is to be desired, faith to be sought.

470. All too often we place our faith in knowledge rather than acknowledging our true need for faith.

471. Knowledge is complex, faith and truth simple.

472. If I had full knowledge of everything, wouldn’t I be God? Fortunately I will never have to answer this question!

473. Knowledge is a golden sceptre, appearing to be so powerful and beautiful to behold, yet it can be quickly disfigured by even the smallest diamond of truth.

474. Faith grows through a conviction of the truth rather than in the understanding of knowledge.

475. Knowledge enhances a faith already secure in the truth.

476. God’s truth is constant, but knowledge is defined by our circumstances.

477. God’s truth is progressively revealed to those with a heart willing to embrace it.

478. Faith is built by embracing God’s truth, enabling further truths to be revealed.

479. Faith and truth are heavenly lovers.

480. Faith and truth is a marriage made in heaven.

481. Genuine faith revels in godly truth, but human faith is dependent upon earthly knowledge.

482. It is so easy to be beguiled by the complexity of knowledge when seeking the simplicity of true faith.

486. The one thing history teaches is the futility of placing our hope in the goodness of man. Could the world rely upon me - or you?

487. Hope in mankind is hopeless, but hope in God springs eternal.

488. Without hope we perish. Without God we perish. So our hope is to be found in God.

489. In mankind there is only futility, but in God we have hope.

490. Faith turns the hope of our salvation into the experience of God’s love.

491. God’s hopefulness gives the hopeless, hope.

492. Godly hope transforms human hopelessness – if we will allow it!

493. Life without hope is short, but with God’s hope, eternal.

494. God’s hope can help transform tragedy into triumph.

495. It is often said that ‘without hope we perish.’ This is as true literally as it is figuratively.

496. Out of God’s hope springs eternal youth – eventually!

497. I am so glad that my hope is in you Lord. For I so often let myself down.

498. Hope in self is not at all comforting on ones deathbed.

499. Our hope in Jesus is retained in the mind, even when our body tells us that there is none other left.

500. Hope for the best? Be assured of it in Jesus!

501. Hope enables us to wake up in the morning, confidently prepared to share the uncertainty of the day ahead with a friend.

502. Hope builds faith, which is to be reflected in love. Without hope, there is no love.

503. Hope overcomes hopelessness.

504. ‘Hoping for the best’ is at best a gamble, hope in the salvation of Jesus, a certainty.

505. Hope expands horizons.

506. God’s hope gives life, but human hopelessness brings death. The choice is ours.

507. The hope of tomorrow helps us deal with the realities of today.

508. True love is of the will, rather than the heart.

509. True love is truly proven in unlovely situations.

510.“It is better to have loved and lost…” is not true of God’s love. For He never fails us.

511. Jesus specialises in loving the unlovely – fortunately for me!

512. We all need love. What differs, is where we seek to find it!

513. To submit our will to another is the ultimate love commitment.

514. Jesus loved us to death!

515. It is much harder for the worthy to accept God’s love than the unworthy. Always has been, always will be.

516. As passion goes, true love grows.

517. Passion stirs, love builds.

518. True love takes time.

519. True love is like a good cheese. It takes time to mature.

520. Passion and action combine to build God’s kingdom.

521. True love is a verb, rather than a noun.

522. Love becomes just another 4-letter word unless it is worked at.

523. Lust sells newspapers, while love builds relationships.

524. Love and lust both start with the same letter, but there the similarity ends.

525. Lust takes – love gives.

526. Lust lasts but a moment, but love a lifetime.

527. With lust, the thrills precede the spills.

528. Love forgives. God’s love forgives totally.

529. Forgiveness of hurts is a sign of true love.

530. Love heals the heart, God’s love, the soul.

531. I can’t possibly understand why “Jesus loves even me” but I’ll accept it anyway!

549. Love means acceptance – by God if not by others.

532. Love is the foundation stone of God’s order. Trivialising love devalues both God and society, to our peril.

533. My goal as I grow less lovely on the outside is to become lovelier from the inside out.

534. We become whom, or what we love.

535. It is said that the longer 2 people are happily married, the more like each other they become. This is particularly so with Jesus and us.

536. Love is both the first requirement and the ultimate experience of our walk with Jesus.

537. Our freewill is the ultimate gift we can give to our God.

538. True love is motivated to give, rather than to get.

539. No one is beyond God’s love. Not even me!

540. Love overcomes hate – if we let it!

541. Love motivated kindness reflects Jesus to the world.

542. Love is to be found in actions rather than words.

543. Love talk is for the pillow. Love in action spreads the Kingdom.

544. In God’s economy, “Love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage,” or else societies wheels fall off!

545. Lust brings temporary pleasure, love, long term happiness.

546. Lust reduces, love reproduces.

547. The difference between young and old lovers is proven commitment.

820. When all else fails, try love.

837. Love lubricates the engine of life.

1217. If we loved each other as much as we love our pets, the world would be a better place.

561. It is better to be ‘led’ by God than ’bled’ by life.

562. In God, to obey is the better way.

563. Our Christian walk in a ‘t’ – from rust to trust!

564. To serve is to…
… love the unlovely
… help the helpless
… befriend the lonely
… rebuild the brokenhearted
… soothe the sick
… bless the poor
… raise up the downtrodden
… seek the lost
… comfort the dying

565. True servants add their own desires to the end of the queue.

566. Pride demolishes, while servanthood builds.

567. Leaders of character understand the twin character difference between serve and slave.

568. To serve is God initiated, to slave, human imposed.

569. A servant serves by choice, a slave through fear.

570. For down to be up, up must first be down.

571. A ‘servant leader’ is beyond the world’s comprehension. And many Christians too!

572. To serve is a privilege, to abuse the server, a sacrilege.

573. Show me a true servant and I will show you one whom God truly loves.

574. To abuse God’s servant is to abuse God himself.

575. Maturity in God is learning that service is a privilege, not a burden.

576. The firepower of God’s Army is ‘service’.

577. Service is the invincible secret weapon of God’s Army.

578. ‘Service with a smile’ means to ‘go the extra mile.’

579. The world works by taking away, God by giving away.

580. To go down to go up is logical. Ask a bouncy ball!

581. To serve is a blessing, to lead a challenge. To be a servant leader, a challenging blessing!

582. A theologian thinks, a worshiper feels, a servant acts.

583. Forgiveness is the healing balm of life.

584. ’Tis the oil of forgiveness that lubricates the journey of life.

585. ’Tis only by grace, we run the race.

586. To win life’s ‘race’, start it with a ‘g’!

587. Forgiveness first heals the forgiver.

588. Forgiveness heals both the forgiver and the forgiven.

589. To forgive is Christian, to forgive and forget - Godly.

590. Lord; please forgive me for forgetting forgiveness!

591. The view is from the mountaintops but growth comes in the fertile valley soils.

592. Trials are a real trial!

593. Trials build character, character Godliness.

594. A test done, a test won, while not much fun, it pleases the Son.

595. Tests require change. Little change requires greater tests.

596. If we were already perfect, we would no longer need trials and testings. Life tells me I have not yet got there!

597. A trial a day keeps the devil away.

598. Heat draws out dross. In gold, silver and me!

599. Failing a test means I need to take it again!

600. The unbearable becomes bearable through God’s grace.

601. Trials are for life’s winners!

602. The ladder of testing is best climbed one step at a time.

603. The best fruit grows on pruned trees.

604. An unpruned tree produces little fruit.

605. Heated and treated gold glistens. It’s the same with us!

606. To think about God is stupendous. To believe we are Him, disastrous!

607. To think is good, to feel fantastic, but it is what we do that is most important in God’s sight.

608. Thoughts and feelings lead one astray, but God’s word is an anchor to the soul.

609. We may think, we may feel, but all is wasted unless we act.

610. Men think, women feel, God acts.

611. Result of the game of life. God’s Word 100 v Thoughts and Feelings 0.

612. Satan corrupts thoughts and feelings, but never God’s Word.

613. To ‘be’ is what it is all about.

614. People’s feelings ebb and flow with the breeze, but God’s Word is rock solid.

615. Joy is much like eating prunes. You may not like them but you are joyful because of the good effect they have at the other end.

616. True joy is a positive peace about your eternal destiny.

617. Joy is the ballast that stabilizes your ship on its voyage through the sea of life.

618. Laughter lasts but a moment, but joy is eternal.

619. Joy is a bottomless well that bubbles up from within the soul.

620. To laugh is great, but to be joyful, everlasting.

621. One of life’s greatest assets is the ability to turn tears of sadness into pools of joy.

622. Tears of joy soothe the soul.

623. Joy is the outward expression of the certain hope of your eternal destiny.

624. Laughter expresses emotion, joy character.

625. Remaining joyful in adverse circumstances reflects God in you.

626. Joy is not an emotion, but a way of life.

627. Joy is the outward expression of peace within.

628. Laughter comes, laughter goes, but joy goes on forever.

1217. True joy is God given, not human driven.

1218. The source of true joy is righteousness rather then happiness.

1219. Real joy is of the spirit, not the soul.

629. A true believer is thankful whatever the circumstances.

630. Praise gladdens the heart. Worship strengthens the soul.

631. True worship is reflected in positive actions.

632. Our actions reflect our true worship.

633. Thanksgiving brings forth praise. Praise leads on to worship.

634. With thankful praise, I worship my maker.

635. The freedom to worship is not truly appreciated until it is taken away.

636. God gives us praise and worship so they may be returned to Him.

637. Worship is available to all, but only availed of, by some.

638. True worship is a way of life.

639. Freedom in worship sets us free!

640. Worship is a gift made to be returned to the sender.

641. More worship, worship more.

642. One person’s curse is another’s praise.

643. Praise is an attitude, not an emotion.

644. Praise blesses both the giver and the receiver.

645. Worthy worship works wonders with worshippers wellbeing.

646. – 667. Self control is…

… saying no to another piece of chocolate.

… biting your tongue when others criticize you unfairly.

… calmly watching the person ahead of you take the last seat.

… not answering an argument with an argument.

… looking straight ahead when a beautiful lady walks by.

… keeping your temper when others are losing theirs.

… resisting the temptation to pick your nose in public.

… keeping your attention on the one speaking to you.

… waiting in the queue for a loo!

… turning the other cheek – again!

… watching your kids make the same mistakes, just like you had to do.

… not striking back when struck.

… waiting patiently in a queue when the one next to you is moving faster than yours.

… not reacting to something you once used to.

… resisting the urge to scratch the itch when standing at attention.

… keeping your cool when others are running hot.

… not commenting on your kid’s cool clothes.

… giving good advice and seeing it go unheeded.

… Having a quiet time with the Lord when you are really busy.

… graciously accepting the smallest piece of cake.

… turning off the TV.

… leaving the last lolly in the bag.

668. The best form of self-control is to be under God’s control.

669. When you can’t control yourself, give your self to God.

670. Peace is to be found in the eye of the storm.

671. A soul truly finds peace in God’s rest.

672. Strive for strife, rest for peace.

673. Internal peace can flourish amongst external turmoil.

674. Peace is not a feeling, but a place.

675. World peace is an impossibility, inner peace a personal choice.

676. How is it that people rejoice when a peace agreement is reached, yet remain at turmoil within themselves?

677. Peace in our time – simply impossible. Peace within – always available.

678. Inner peace is a treasure of far greater value than gold.

679. Peace and riches are seldom bedfellows.

680. War within? Sign the Lord’s ‘Peace Treaty’ today!

681. Our internal battles are bloodier than man’s wars.

682. War is of the world. Peace is of God. Therefore we need to seek peace in the right place.

683. The ‘War of the World’s’ is fought within each one of us. Satan versus God.

684. The person with peace has more than all the riches of the world have to offer.

685. Perseverance perseveres!

686. Perseverance is keeping running the race with feet blistered by the problems of life.

687. Perseverance is wading through the mire of life, confident of reaching our eternal heavenly home.

688. Perseverance is walking through the valleys before ascending to the mountaintops

689. Perseverance is retaining hope when all seems hopeless.

690. Perseverance is …

… forgiving one more time

… one more prayer.

… going on when others are giving up.

… picking yourself up once again.

… loving that little bit extra.

… just one more step.

… serving one more time.

691. Man is made to work – but not all the time!

692. Show me faith. Show me works. And I will show you a faith that works.

693. Building faith takes time but good works are always ready and waiting.

694. How much faith does it take to do good works?

695. People come, people go, but needs go on forever.

696. Works reflect the light of Christ in us to a dark world.

697. Faith reflects our place in God, works reflect God’s place in us.

698. Faith is internal, works external.

699. Works are the reflection of our faith to a disbelieving world.

700. Works are the single most convincing expression of our faith.

701. Man expects 'to do' in order 'to be', but God requires us 'to be' in order 'to do'.

702. In God's dictionary, 'doing' follows 'being'.

703. 'To do' is simply living out our 'to be'.

704. If 'to do' does not follow out of our 'to be', then our 'to be' is 'not to be'!

705. 'To be' a witness is 'to do' God's will.

706. We are first called 'to be', then 'to do'.

707. Too often we try 'to do' when God is simply calling us 'to be'.

708. 'To do' good, it is best 'to be' good!

709. To best know what 'to do', we must first learn how 'to be'.

710. If 'what to do' is your question, look to 'what to be' to find your answer.

711. When 'to be or not to be' is the question, 'to be and to do' is the answer.

712. True 'being' results in 'doing'.

713. 'Being' without 'doing' is like a motor without a car. Makes plenty of noise but takes you nowhere!

714. 'To be' is the salt, 'to do' the light. We are called to be both.

1220. Our walk with Jesus is to start off with applying the 'don'ts' of the Law and to end up doing the 'do's' of His will.

1221. The sign of maturity in Jesus is when we live not only the 'dont's of the Law' but live the 'do's of righteousness, submission and obedience to God's will' in our lives.

1222. The 'don'ts of the Law' form firm foundations, but walls and roofs of a godly house are built of submission to God's will.

715. I'm CROSS that the 'CROSS" has been CROSSED off by those CROSSING the CROSSROADS into deception!

716. Without His priceless love bought on the Cross, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

717. The Cross of Jesus points in all ways - up, down and around. There is no way of avoiding it!

718. To deny the Cross is to deny Christ.

719. The miracle of the Cross is that the very best could come out of the very worst.

720. The Cross of Jesus was designed to take life, but ironically served to give life to all who believe.

721. There is still no greater power working in the world today than that of the Cross of Jesus.

722. The devil takes, the Cross gives.

723. Pilate's charge, THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS was both the present truth and a prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

724. Don't cross the Cross. It will cost you your life!

725. Jesus freely gave His life for us on the Cross. He invites us to freely give our lives back to Him in return.

726. New Zealand has 4 million people and 40 million sheep. Yet, if it weren't for the Cross of Jesus, our sheep numbers would still be insufficient to pay the ongoing cost of sin. For this, the sheep are most grateful to Him!

727. Most people dislike the sight of blood more than that of sin. But sin is so ugly that Jesus shed all His blood to cover it!

728. Blood represents life - both natural and spiritual. Give me more of the blood!

729. Without blood, there is no life. Without sacrifice, there is no blood. A sacrificial life is bathed in the blood of Jesus.

730. The Cross cost Jesus His all. How much of our all are we prepared to give back to Him?

732. Colours in God's sight! Blood is red. Sin is black. White is purity. Red over black is white.

733. Jesus' Blood is the stain remover of life.

734. Man's blood spilled, is to be feared. Jesus' blood spilled, to be revered.

735. The Days of Grace in which we now live have not reduced the awe-fullness of the Cross, but oftentimes have hidden its bloodiness beneath the shroud of love.

736. It's relatively easy to spill our blood as a martyr. Yet, it's extremely hard to submit ourselves to the ongoing blood transforming transfusions necessary for His life to live within us.

737. Blood is life. Sin is death. Help me to love your blood more and more each day, Lord.

738. Human blood grows, flows and goes. But Jesus' blood never ends.

739. - 809. God has shown me that...

... to go down is to go up.

... He can do it better than me.

... to strive is to ensure failure.

... to rest in Him brings success.

... it is better to give in to Him the first time.

... I need to be broken before being restored.

... repentance benefits me even more than the one I have wronged.

... the nearer I get to Him, the further away I find I really am.

... fear of the Lord is positive, not negative.

... the more I fear Him, the more He loves me.

... the more I fear Him, the more I am prepared to change my life.

... the fear and love of Him are intertwined.

... as pride comes before a fall, so repentance precedes restoration.

... there is nothing good in me until I am touched by His healing hand.

... I can't be found until I admit I'm lost.

... to be a servant is indeed the highest calling.

... He is to be obeyed, even when I don't understand why.

... He lives outside of time, but I don't.

... love works wonders.

... He desires me to change: not me to try and change Him.

... to give in to Him is to grow up in Him.

... life is born out of death.

... life is not meant to be fair.

... we seek spiritual gifts while He desires spiritual fruit.

... submission builds character.

... character outscores performance every time.

... 'to be' is infinitely better than 'to do'.

... we cannot put Him into a box, no matter how big we make it.

... sin caused man and God's thought patterns to become diametrically opposed.

... He reveals himself to us when we least expect it.

... revelation is given in His timing - which generally isn't ours.

... we learn more about Him in the hard times than the good.

... He can turn our failure into His success.

... when we put others first in this world, He does the same for us in His.

... in the end, He always wins.

... in Him, to die is to live.

... when there is less of me there is room for more of Him.

... salvation is a privilege, not a right.

... He can change me if I let Him.

... while salvation is free, the walk with Jesus is to cost us everything we have.

... our love for Him is reflected through our service to others.

... His love is infinitely greater than my hurts, and His grace, than my sins.

... I can't hide anything from Him, even though I try.

... while we currently live in the Age of Grace, one day it will come to an end.

... His grace can only be activated through our repentance.

... our part is to present the Truth. Other's responsibility is to accept or reject it.

... unity comes from the Spirit, not the soul.

... happiness and joyfulness are not the same.

... without Him, we will never fulfil our potential.

... the more I get into Him, the more He gets into me.

... the more time I spend with Him, the more time He has to make changes in me.

... His love never fails, but other's love may.

... the reward for loving others is found in Heaven, rather than on earth.

... life is to be our investment in eternity.

... ultimately, I am the one responsible for me.

... salvation is a process, not an event.

... life's limitations are man driven, not God given.

... when my wants line up with His desires, things happen.

... I need to place godliness even above wisdom.

... to be effective for Him, the light within, must shine without.

... happiness comes and happiness goes, but joy stands firm.

... we have second chances in life but not in death.

... we only get to live life once.

... my time invariably runs ahead of His time for me.

... to wait is still to grow.

... my job is simply to be available to Him.

... yesterdays faith is to become today's normality.

... exercising my 'will' frequently involves my 'wont'.

... the wall of faith is built one brick at a time.

... to 'overcome' I need to 'undergo' change in my life.

... God is God, is God.

817. Grace is telling the truth in love.

818. Grace is God's strength blessing our weakness.

819. Grace is love unearned.

821. Grace comes when you let God do it.

822. Be graciously graced with grace!

823. Grace is so much more than a prayer before a meal.

825. Understand grace and you will join with Jesus - by His grace!

826. Apply grace. The response may surprise!

827. We can't outgive God's grace to us - but we could try!

828. Love and grace are brother and sister together.

829. When grace abounds, love thrives.

830. Grace is God's power overcoming our weakness.

831. Without grace, love will soon fail.

832. Love and grace are like bread and butter. The one complements the other.

833. When grace abounds, love resounds.

835. Grace builds, unforgiveness destroys.

836. The rain of grace waters the garden of love.

838. As grace grows, heartache goes.

839. The light at the end of the tunnel is called grace.

840. Grace given away is likely to return as love.

841. We readily understand our need for grace. Are others any different?

842. A partner's snoring is the ultimate test of grace!

843. Grace received, revives the soul. Grace given, passes on the blessing to others.

844. Grace is God's power at work in us.

845. Grace is power, not weakness.

846. When I show grace, Jesus can be seen in me.

847. Hurts + Grace = Victory

848. 'Love and grace, go together like a horse and carriage' - in marriage! (With apologies to 'The Sound of Music')

849. An ounce of grace yields tons of love.

850. Grace is like a bumblebees flight. We can't explain how it works, but it does!

851. To grow in grace is to grow in God.

852. God smiles when we give His grace away to others. For He has an endless supply.

853. Grace binds hurts.

854. 'Grace' is God's gift to us, 'love', ours to Him in return.

855. The cross of Jesus is the ultimate example of God's grace and love to us.

1307. Grace is God's love embedded in us.

856. The best way I have found of satisfying my own needs is to meet the needs of others more needy than me.

857. Depression focuses on self, optimism on others.

858. Consumerism is an insatiable burden, altruism an abundant blessing.

859. A godly church is focused on meeting the needs of others before its own.

860. Self is simply selfish!

861. It is truly amazing how helping someone else helps me even more than it helps them.

862. The best way to solve problems within is to look without!

863. True happiness comes through what we give rather than what we get.

864. 'Helps' help change the world.

865. Helps help helplessness.

866. Amazingly, when we focus on others our self-image sharpens.

867. To achieve happiness, change your G-force focus from 'Get' to 'Give'.

881. Religion is learned, revelation received.

882. Religion stems from the mind of man, revelation from the heart of God.

883. Revelation is revolutionary, religion, counter-revolutionary.

884. Religion is the opiate of the masses, while revelation reveals the heart of God.

885. One man's revelation quickly becomes another's religion.

886. Religion suffocates revelation.

887. Religion is centered upon man's needs, revelation upon the will of God.

888. When religion embraces a revelation, it's time for new revelation!

889. Revelation builds, religion stifles.

890. Many say, 'give me religion', but few, 'give me revelation'.

891. Religion fosters pride, while revelation comes from a broken heart.

892. Religion promotes people, revelation, servanthood.

893. Religion builds. Revelation breaks down, then builds.

894. Religion breeds status, revelation, servants.

895. In religion, roles are nouns, in revelation, adjectives.

896. In religion, roles are expressed by Title, in revelation, identified through action.

897. Revelation changes hearts, religion tickles the mind.

898. An ounce of revelation is more precious than a tonne of religion.

899. Revelation meeting religion, ignites revolution!

900. Religion is built upon structure; revelation, servanthood.

901. Give me an ounce of revelation rather than a tonne of religion, any day.

902. Religion breeds division, revelation, unity of Spirit.

903. Religion claims to be truth, revelation is truth revealed.

904. Religion panders to people, revelation reveals God's truth.

905. Religious love is a theory, revelatory love an experience.

906. As soon as man starts interpreting revelation, you get religion.

907. Revelation expands, religion contracts.

908. Revelation builds, religion demolishes.

909. Religion is based upon doctrine, revelation, relationship.

910. Religionists hate revelation, for it is outside their control.

911. The 21st century will be notable for the decline of religion but the growth of revelation.

912. Religion promotes obedience to priesthood, revelation, submission to the will of God.

913. Religion replicates Old Testament priesthood, revelation, the sole priesthood of Jesus.

914. In religion, the leadership claims to hear from God, while revelation is direct from God.

1326. Religion replaces revelation with rules, regulations and repetition.

915. Obedience to God's will for our life is the highest call.

916. Belief is of the mind, worship of the heart, but obedience is of the will.

917. The greatest change we can make is from gratifying our own will to obeying God's will for our life.

918. Obedience to God's will and ways is the very core of the Gospel.

919. Christian maturity develops as we submit to the will of God for our life.

920. In the world, submission is weakness, in God, strength.

921. In the world, submission comes from without, in God, from within.

922. I obey my master. The question is, "who is my master?"

923. Disobedience comes from Adam and Eve. Obedience is modelled by Jesus. Whom will we follow?

924. Disobedience is selfish, Godly obedience, selfless!

925. Obedience and suffering are common bedfellows.

926. Obedience is refined in the fire of testing.

927. If we obey those we respect, it begs the question, "Do we respect ourselves more than Jesus?"

928. If God knows more than me, shouldn't I take His advice?

929. As God grows in me, there is less and less room for me myself!

930. Heaven is reached through obedience to God's will, not simply the recitation of a 'Sinners Prayer'.

931. Godly obedience is the present outworking of belief and faith.

932. I cannot truly say I'm a believer if I'm not prepared to follow the path of the one in whom I believe.

933. Freewill is a choice, obedience the choice of freewill.

934. Doing what God wants us to do when it differs from what we want to do is our true test of obedience.

935. "I will obey You", is the ultimate form of worship.

936. The path of obedience takes a different route to that of our natural understanding.

937. To do what we don't understand, because God said it, is the ultimate test of obedience.

938. It may be easier to die as a martyr, than to die to one's self!

939. As I die, so God grows in me. There is only room for one of us!

940. In God, submission is a sign of success, not one of failure.

941. Give me the history of the Old Testament to better understand the revelation of the New.

942. The New Testament is the reality of the Old Testament dream. Our task is to be this 'living truth' to the Jews.

943. God's plan begins in the Old and climaxes in the New. We need to understand both Testaments to fully appreciate it.

944. To understand an adult, it is helpful to know of their childhood. The same principle applies to the two Testaments.

945. When quoting from the Old Testament, we need to ensure it hasn't been superseded by the revelation of the New.

946. The measurement of Old Testament success is 'prosperity', in the New, 'sacrifice'. We often get the two confused!

947. The Old Testament signposts the path, the New is the path.

948. Jesus is sealed into the Old Testament, revealed in the New.

949. To better understand a country, you need an appreciation of its history. To better understand the New Testament you need an appreciation of the Old.

950. An illustration of the difference between the Old and New Testaments is that 'The Lamb' of the New had but 2 legs, less hair and a greater vocabulary!

951. Pray every day to keep the devil at bay!

952. Meaningful prayer originates from the heart, not the mouth.

953. Effective prayer is not how much you say but how you say it!

954. My 'Personal PrayerLine' is open 24/7. Love, God.

955. Prayer proves faith. Answered prayer improves faith.

956. Prayer builds relationship with God.

957. Prayer is to be an ongoing process, not an occasional experience.

958. Little and often is better than lots occasionally when it comes to effective prayer.

959. Prayer is like having an internal, open telephone line to heaven. Only trouble is, we too often forget to use it.

960. Ringing God is toll free. Take advantage of it now!

961. Share God's heart. Pray for others!

962. The most powerful prayers are the Word of God.

963. The least liked people are those who talk about no-one but themselves. Why do we do this with God?

964. Prayer is a two way communication process. we must listen to God too!

965. Listening in silence is the best way to hear from God.

966. In prayer, silence often speaks louder than words.

967. We expect friends to take an interest in us. Shouldn't we too, be interested in hearing from God when we pray?

968. God is with it! He too has moved on from King James English!

969. In prayer, ten words from the heart are worth more than a thousand parroted from a page.

970. Prayer is not about 'I' but about 'hIm'.

971. 'A prayer a day' - is not enough!

972. When we pray we need to remember that God is God, not Father Xmas!

973. God has 3 answers to prayer requests, yes, no and wait. The secret of successful prayer is to understand which response He is giving now.

974. Praying for others reaches deep into the father heart of God.

975. Prayer is spiritual food. Little and often is healthier.

983. A Christian without prayer is as effective as a soldier without a gun.

984. A prayer in time, saves nine.

985. Prayer is the food of the soul.

986. Powerful prayer precedes perfect performance.

1001. Holiness is not found in living to the letter of the Law, but reflected through the living law of our life.

1002. Holiness is an attitude reflected in behaviour.

1003. Holiness comes, as we let the hold on our lives, go.

1004. The 'Law of Holiness' needs to be written in our hearts and applied through our will.

1005. Holiness grows as we walk hand in hand with Jesus.

1006. Every day is to be a 'holy-day'

1007. Holiness is a way of life, not a doctrine.

1008. Holiness grows as my will goes.

1009. To walk on the path of holiness I need Jesus at my side.

1010. Holiness is tough, but hell, deadly!

1011. Life is a game, living holiness the aim.

1012. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the biggest hindrance to God building His kingdom is man building his. It's called religion.

1013. Man organises the god out of God!

1014. Religion builds tradition, the Spirit, change.

1015. Religion builds tradition, the Spirit breaks tradition down.

1016. One person's vision becomes their successor's job.

1017. The kingdom of God is built upon relationship, not organisation.

1018. Mankind cannot build the kingdom of God for He has already done it far better than we ever could.

1019. While religion may desire to build God's kingdom, it finally succeeds in building its own.

1020. The kingdom of God doesn't need to be built, rather, grasped hold of.

1021. Religion is of the proud, the kingdom of God, of the humble.

1022. Religion revolves round organisation, the kingdom of God, relationship.

1023. Religion is planned, God's kingdom, spontaneous.

1024. God's kingdom is visionary, religion, managed.

1025. Religion is birthed in the institutionalisation of a revelation of God's kingdom.

1026. 'God given' revelation quickly becomes 'man controlled' religion.

1027. God's kingdom is eternal, mankind's religion, transitory.

1028. Religion formalises the spontaneous informality of God's kingdom.

1029. God's kingdom 'upskills', religion removes the 'ups'.

1030. Religion is really 'the opiate of the priests'.

1031. To get closer to God we need to swap the bonds of religion for the liberation of His kingdom.

1032. Religion creates its own standard mould of monotonous mediocrity. God breaks moulds!

1033. Religion is centered upon man, the kingdom, upon God.

1034. Religion is the outcome of the institutionalization of a God given vision.

1035. Religion is based upon rules, God's kingdom upon obedience.

1036. Religion seeks to control the Spirit of God which His kingdom releases.

1037. Religion controls, God's kingdom releases.

1038. Religion seeks to define an infinite God. By definition, it is doomed to failure.

1039. Religion seeks to interpret the answers to life found in God's kingdom. Surely a direct approach is best.

1040. As religion goes, God's kingdom grows.

1041. Revelation and religion make incompatible companions.

1042. Religion resists change while revelation requires it!

1043. Revelation formalised soon becomes religion institutionalised.

1044. God's kingdom breeds revelation, religion, rules.

1045. Religion is man's adaptation of God's revelation.

1046. When religion fails you, turn to God.

1047. So often the church attempts to compete with God's kingdom rather than promoting it.

1048. God's vision is our mission.

1049. Religion is the eager repository of yesterday's revelation.

1050. Revelation is eternal truth meeting today's circumstances.

1051. Revelation is from God's heart, religion, a product of the heart of man.

1052. Today's revelation becomes tomorrow's religion.

1053. One dose of God is worth more than a billion of religion!

1054. When mankind cannot accept God's revelation, they adapt it to become religion.

1055. The cost of God's kingdom is obedience, religion's, money. Most of us take the easy option!

1056. Religion goes as God's kingdom grows.

1057. Revelation tells us God's kingdom is available now, while religion places itself in the now, with the kingdom to be found in the future.

1058. Religion may well be the opiate of the masses, but God's kingdom is possessed by the godly, right now!

1059. Religion comes and religion goes, but God's kingdom goes on forever.

1060. God's kingdom now isn't freely given, but possessed through godly obedience.

1061. God reveals, while religion conceals.

1062. Religion is not a church but a mind closed to change.

1063. Revelation is from without, while the heart of religion is birthed within.

1064. Revelation sows, religion mows!

1065. Religion is not the church, but the church too easily becomes religion.

1066. Religion kills, God upskills.

1067. Religion is a gathering of like minds, God's kingdom, one of godly natures.

1068. Religion insidiously enters the church through repetition.

1069. Repetition is religion's close ally.

1070. As people we are inherently religious, for we enjoy feeling comfortable - even in our discomfort!

1071. Religion is revelation become tradition.

1072. Tradition is religion's friend, but the deadly enemy of revelation.

1073. Tradition moulds revelation into religion.

1074. Revelation revs 'Revs'!

1075. While knowledge is gained at a theological seminary, revelation comes from the father heart of God.

1215. The understanding that God's kingdom is available now is the greatest motivator of all for keen Christians.

1216. There's no need to wait. Seek God's kingdom now!

1308. Religion is based upon dependence, the kingdom, interdependence.

1309. Religion looks inwards, the kingdom, upwards and outwards.

1310. The kingdom is not centered round teaching and preaching, but rather, living out teaching and preaching.

1078. 'Beauty Within' outpaces 'Starlet' in the 'Race of Life'.

1079. We value the superficial but God' loves a beautiful heart.

1080. You cannot judge a book, or a person, by their cover!

1081. Beauty is fleeting, but a beautiful spirit, eternal.

1082. A beautiful body attracts a king, but a beautiful heart, the King of Kings.

1083. We can do little to alter our appearance, but a lot to beautify our heart.

1084. Beauty comes, beauty goes, but a beautiful heart goes on forever.

1084. To be beautiful in your old age cultivate a beautiful spirit now.

1085. Wrinkles follow the pattern of the heart rather than the shape of the face.

1086. Outward beauty is a blessing, inward beauty, God's gift.

1087. The foolish person seeks beauty, the wise, wisdom, the godly, a beautiful spirit.

1088. As the beauty of youth fades, inner beauty blossoms.

1089. Character to a Christian is as water to a ship. Without it we are left high and dry!

1090. To be as one with the character of Jesus is our highest call.

1091. To believe in Jesus is wonderful, but to develop His character, divine.

1092. Many say, "Lord, give me faith." But I say "Lord help me develop my character" and faith will automatically come.

1093. It is easy to believe, but a godly character reflects the true disciple.

1094. Our character is truly visible in the reflection of our love for God and for others.

1095. Rather than asking God for gifts, develop character, and gifts will automatically follow.

1096. A sin forgiven is of the moment, but developing godly character lasts a lifetime.

1097. The only proven way to avoid sin is to develop the character of Jesus in our lives.

1098. Character is 'walking the talk.'

1099. Testing builds a godly character. Many Christians do their best to avoid both!

1100. As the church develops the character of Christ, so it will conquer the world for Him.

1101. To fulfil our potential in God we need to inherit His character.

1102. Character cannot be bought but must be developed through the trials of life.

1103. Salvation is instant, but developing godly character takes a lifetime.

1104. Feeling come and feelings go but character is eternal.

1105. An ounce of character outweighs a ton of enthusiasm, any day.

1106. Gifts are given, character developed. We prefer gifts but God seeks character, for the gifts are already His!

1107. Spiritual gifts are temporary while character lasts through eternity.

1108. Believers believe in God, while disciples build a godly character.

1109. Spiritual fruit grows on 'Character Trees'!

1110. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are the fruit of the 'Character Tree'.

1111. Sin decreases as character builds.

1112. Sin is overcome by a godly character.

1113. Character and sin are mutually exclusive. The more we have of the one the less we have of the other.

1114. The best protection against sin is the development of a godly character.

1233. Godly character can only be developed through a submissive heart.

1234. The less of us in us, the more room in us for God!

1235. As we give our character to God, so He builds His character in us.

1236. Submission to God's will removes an 'o', transforming 'good' character into 'God' character!

1237. To receive God's character we need to give away our own!

1238. Our character is often more known by others than understood by ourselves.

1239. A godly character must be inherited from God. It cannot be developed in our own strength.

1115. Christianity could well do with a 'heart transplant' of the compassion of Jesus!

1116. Compassion is, loving others more than ones self.

1117. Sympathy for the plight of others is good, but compassion is doing something about it.

1118. True compassion comes from a heart fully submitted to the Lord's will.

1119. Compassion is a verb in action.

1120. Compassion works when words fail.

1121. Compassion for others is the outworking of the love of Jesus for us.

1122. Compassion speaks louder than words.

1123. Compassion is our reflection of God's heart for us.

1124. Compassion best describes the life of Jesus and should ours too!

1125. God's character is reflected through compassionate acts.

1126. Godly authority is grown through brokenness.

1127. True godly authority is not based on position in the priesthood but in the submission of ones life to God's will.

1128. God's authority pyramid is a mirror image of the world's, with Jesus placed at the bottom as the greatest servant of all.

1129. All God's great leaders have first paid the price of trial, testing, hardship and disappointment in order to be moulded into God's image. Are we prepared to pay the price?

1130. Earthly authority points upwards to glory and power, godly authority downwards to servanthood and sacrifice.

1131. True authority is not man appointed but God designated.

1132. There is only one true authority in all things - Jesus! Through the Holy Spirit and the Word!

1133. Satan uses humans desire for power and position to his advantage, in order to thwart the full flow of the authority of the Holy Spirit to individual believers.

1134. One of the biggest problems in the church today is that of the many leaders who claim an authority not given by God.

1135. Authority rests not with position but in God's anointing.

1136. Godly authority is invested, not in the proud, but in the humble of heart. Ask Moses!

1137. Worldly authority comes with position, godly authority is shown by example.

1138. There are more titles and positions of authority per believer in the church than in the world. This could well mean that the church is worldlier than the world!

1139. The new Testament is based upon the authority of the priesthood of believers, not that of priests.

1140. The key difference between a dreamer and a visionary is application.

1141. Perspiration turns dreams into visions.

1142. Praise God when your vision dies for it is one stage closer to fulfilment!

1143. As a flower dies before its seed germinates, so your vision must die, testing your faithfulness, before restoration and fulfilment.

1144. It takes wisdom and discernment to separate our human dreams from God's visions.

1145. Man's pride frequently gets in the way of God's visions.

1146. For visions to be effective, ownership must remain with God.

1147. Without GOD'S vision the people perish.

1148. We are to simply be the conduit for God's visions, not to invent our own.

1149. With vision man we are to be reactive to God, not proactive to self.

1150. We must never place vision ahead of relationship with the ultimate visionary, Jesus.

1151. I am not interested in your vision but excited about the vision God has placed in you.

1152. The centrality of both sIn and prIde is 'I'!

1153. Sin is the external result of internal rebellion against God.

1154. Just because we grow up with sin doesn't mean we need to hold on to it all our life!

1155. Sin causes God to cry!

1156. The foundation of sin is 'self interest', that of righteousness, 'God interest'.

1157. As sin goes, righteousness grows.

1158. No-one has ever conquered sin by their own efforts!

1159. The deep darkness of sin cannot co-exist with the bright light of holiness, in the natural or spiritual.

1160. While we are forgiven of our sins through the cross of Jesus, upon request, we still have to live with the consequences. So it's best not to sin in the first place!

1161. Overcoming sin is a lifelong process of eliminating the 'self' from our life.

1162. God never asks us to deal with more than we can currently handle. So eliminating sin is a lifelong process!

1163. The revelation of sin in our lives deepens, as our walk with Jesus intensifies. But we only need to deal with the revelation of our current step.

1164. Sin is like an onion. God reveals it and we peel it off, with tears, a layer at a time!

1165. Sin is neither to be loved, nor feared, but dealt with!

1166. We cannot truly say we hate the sin in our lives if we are not prepared to do something about it!

1167. Contrary to common Christian exhortation, sin can be enjoyable - for a time. Many of us test the limits!

1168. Sin grows as it onward goes!

1169. Sin intensifies with repetition.

1170. Finally, thrills turn into spills!

1171. On Judgement Day, my sin is no-ones responsibility but my own.

1172. While others may lead us astray, it is we who reap the consequences.

1173. It is far better to deal with sin now than have it exposed on Judgement Day.

1174. Do fear - judgement will come!

1175. God's grace is no excuse to sin!

1176. Under grace we keep the law, not through compulsion, but because we desire to please God.

1177. A true disciple walks away from sinfulness towards godliness.

1178. Sin comes - sin grows!

1179. Sin comes with a reward - Hell!

1180. Sin separates, righteousness unifies.

1181. A sin a day keeps God away! (With apologies to doctors and apples!)

1182. Sin appeals; satan steals; Holy Spirit reveals; Jesus heals; God seals.

1183. There is no such thing as hidden sin. God's eyes are everywhere!

1184. As we grow in God, sin is frequently exposed in an attitude rather than an act.

1185. In God's view of sin, what we think is what we are. Now that's a scary thought!

1186. Under the New Covenant, sin includes intention as well as action.

1187. Sin is - our self revealed.

1188. It is a lie that people are inherently good. Sin number one!

1189. Sin leads you to Hell. If I lied about it, I'd end up there too!

1190. Jesus overcame our sin - if we choose to accept Him!

1191. If Jesus didn't die for our sin, why did he choose to go through the agony of the cross? For the decision was His!

1192. If we don't nip it in the bud, the nature of sin is such that it feeds upon itself until it grows to be out of our control.

1193. 'Sin' is 'in' me!

1194. A key difference between the Old and New Testaments is that we are now all in ministry. How easy it is to forget this!

1195. Ministry is not simply for the professionals, but the call upon all believers.

1196. The most effective ministry of all, is our life!

1197. The world's most effective ministry is unspoken! For it is our life!

1198. If all our talk was turned into action, the whole world would have been converted many times over!

1199. Mature ministry is based upon actions rather than words.

1200. Ministry truly is a corporate responsibility.

1201. To be called to minister is both an honour, and the responsibility of us all.

1202. The temptation for professional ministry is to become priests rather than servants.

1203. Ministry, put simply, is being Jesus to others.

1204. Ministry is the call upon us all!

1205. To be a minister we don't have to be trained in Jesus, but simply reflect the Jesus in us.

1206. If we were all prepared to minister, fulfilling the Great Commission would be a breeze!

1207. Many ministers make light work!

1208. To the Christian, ministry is a requirement, not a calling.

1209. Professional ministry is a great excuse to leave God's work to someone else!

1210. Ministry is service, not position.

1211. Priests instruct, ministers serve.

1212. The 'priesthood of believers' is the latent power of the church. When released, it transforms the world.

1213. The ministry of example is the most powerful ministry of all.

1214. The true hallmark of ministry is not professionalism, but service.

1240. Wisdom is much admired upon the earth, while godliness reaches out to the very heart of God.

1241. The godly one keeps short accounts with both God and people, while seeking to do God's will with every fibre of their being.

1242. Godliness is not human perfection but the way of discipleship, lived by the blood of the Lamb, through the word of our testimony, and by 'dying' to self. (Revelation 12:11)

1243. Godliness is a partnership. God's offers the blood of Jesus and we are to offer our life in return.

1244. As worldliness goes, godliness grows.

1245. My desire is that God says about me, "David is a man after my own heart."

1246. Wisdom impresses the world, but godliness makes an impression on God's heart.

1247. The godly one has God's heart for others.

1248. God witnesses to others through His godliness as developed in us.

1248. God gives us many gifts. Godliness is the gift He most desires in return from us.

1249. To be 'good' is great, but being 'God' to others, is godly. The difference is 'o' for 'obedience'.

1250. 'Godliness' and 'self' are mutually exclusive.

1251. Godliness is like climbing to the top of the mountain. It takes effort, it can be chilly, there is little company, but the views from the summit are heavenly!

1252. Godliness is going 'down' in self in order to go 'up' in God.

1253. Godliness is available to us all, but only obtained by the few prepared to pay the life price.

1254. To the foolish, life in Christ is a security blanket, to the wise, a lifestyle, but to the godly, their very reason for being.

1255. The foolish try to change themselves, the wise allow God to change them, while the godly submit their very being to the Lord and His will for them.

1256. God redeems the foolish, loves the wise, but truly seeks the godly.

1257. We are happy to seek everything from God, but loath to give Him back everything of us, in return!

1258. We need to empty the house of our life, in order to make room for His replacement furniture.

1259. The simple choice of godliness - will 'I' or will 'I not' give God 'my will'!

1260. Godliness grows as me goes!

1261. Godliness is discovered in truly entering into God's rest.

1262 - 1271.
Godliness is...
....... putting God's heart in place of mine.
....... placing other's needs before my own.
....... keeping short accounts with God and others.
....... blessing God before myself.
....... giving myself to God because I truly love Him, without expecting a return.
....... absorbing the ridicule of others without reacting negatively.
....... being sold out to God's will for my life.
....... truly entering God's rest.
....... being prepared to die for my Lord.
....... Christ likeness.

1277. Without the fear of the Lord, youth is fearless and old age fearful.

1278. Earthly fear breeds rejection on earth, Godly fear confirms acceptance in heaven.

1279. Earthly fear results in a negative reaction while the fear of God leads to positive action.

1280. Without holy fear, surely God cannot be God?

1281. Genuine 'fear of the Lord' breeds confidence, not calamity.

1282. Fear of man leads to control by others, while self-control is the fruit of 'fear of the Lord'.

1283. 'Human fear' dominates and destroys while 'fear of God' develops character.

1284. The resurrection proves the power of the cross.

1285. Progress Report: The cross. Satan super-confident. Next 3 days. Jesus fights back. The resurrection. Jesus emerges victorious!

1286. Without the resurrection, the cross would have been worthless.

1287. The resurrection proves the power of the blood.

1288. Through the resurrection, victory is plucked from the jaws of defeat.

1289. The resurrection is God's witness of the reality of eternal life.

1290. The cross redeems my past, the resurrection offers me future hope.

1292. The power of the cross is proven in the reality of the resurrection.

1293. Jesus progressed from the cross of suffering to the glory of resurrection. The pattern continues today!

1294. What Jesus did on the cross He proved through the resurrection.

1295. How I long for my resurrection body!

1296. To be resurrected I must first die. a hard lesson to learn!

1297. While all desire resurrection, few are prepared to pay the price of the cross.

1298. The price of eternal life is death - Jesus' and mine!

1299. As a flower dies to produce the seed of new life, so must I.

1300. Jesus resurrected is a glimpse of the glorious kingdom of God.

1301. The cross qualifies me to walk in resurrection power.

1302. Death is the price of resurrection.

1303. Once we can walk through walls, will there any longer be a need for doors?

1311. Godly humility only comes at a price - the price of brokenness.

1317. In Jesus, many talk the walk, but few walk the talk.

1318. Religionists talk, disciples walk.

1319. Religionists talk of past glories, disciples walk into present glory.

1320. By definition, 'following' Jesus requires walking, not talking.

1321. If we talk, but not walk with Jesus, we will soon be 'left behind'!

1322. We must walk into God's rest.

1323. In God, talk is cheap, walking expensive, for it costs our life.

1324. Talking changes minds, but walking, hearts.

1325. To talk about Jesus is good, to walk in His ways, godly.

1328. We relate worship to singing, God relates worship to living.

1329. Worship is more than a song, it is a lifestyle.

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