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Kathy and David 2021

Hi there

I’m David Tait, 5the none with the extra grey hair! Beside me is my gorgeous wife Kathy, who makes all this possible through her job as a Theatre Nurse at a local Eye Hospital. We’ve been married for all of 52years now, so need to be excused if we are starting to look a little like each other.

Like everyone else I know, we’ve had our ups and downs, bringing up (or being brought up by!) four sons, and in the last decade, actually getting to really like each other too. I’m a very slow learner!

When it comes to ‘God Matters’ too, Kathy has also been the more diligent, giving her heart to Jesus as a young girl and faithfully following Him ever since. My walk is far more chequered. Up until my late 20’s I was a ‘churchian’, dissatisfied with my lot both in God and the church. Then I gave it all away for 14 years or so before truly giving my heart to Jesus.

At the time I was standing in the queue at the Social Welfare Office, waiting to register for the ‘dole’, my life in ruins having lost my business, the biggest of its type in New Zealand, in the aftermath of the 1987 Share Market collapse. Bankrupt literally and morally. Desperate – unable to provide for my family. As I’ve said, a slow learner! Yes it took a lot for God to get through to me. At that moment I gave in, for I certainly had a real need for Jesus. And He came and took care of me, of our family, of rebuilding our lives together.

I wish I could say everything has been perfect since then, but that wouldn’t be true. However, I have had the support of my Jesus, my Lord, to help me deal with life’s battles that are the reality of living in this world. From amazing financial restoration, to a bad business decision, leading again, unbelievably, to another recent bankruptcy. But this time I have had Jesus by my side to get me through. The difference is amazing.

After this, we returned to the city of Napier, where I was born and bred. For the past 13 years we set up and operated, on a voluntary basis, a chain of 10 large ‘Op Shops’ (Charity stores) over 8 years, starting without a dollar in the bank. The Lord provided amazingly, as we had to depend upon Him completely for supply. The objective of the stores was to provide clothing at cheap priced for the local people plus use surpluses to fund development projects in Africa, building primarily poultry and pig farms.

This operation was sold a couple of years ago, at the Lord’s instruction, and we have embarked upon a new adventure of His leading as we move to Webuye in Kenya, both to minister and to build an Eye Clinic/Hospital there.

Over the past 5 years we have built a general hospital in Malaha Village, near W ebuye in Bungoma County, that specializes in Eyes. It is called the Kingdom Faith Based Hospital and services many people from the village of 20,000 plus others from outside.

View of the Hospital

Part of the hospital is shown here. There are two primary buildings and others. We thank CBMNZ (Christian Bind Mission) fo their support over much of the time. 

In Eyes, one of our services is to provide sight to many people through the power of cateract surgery.

Cataract Surgery

To explore the hospital in more detail go to our website

We are blessed with 4 sons, Andrew, Brendan, Nigel and Cameron, two lovely daughters –in-law, Catriona (Andrew) and Savi (Nigel) and  3 beautiful grandchildren, Eva, Nathan and Charis (Andrew and Catriona). The photo shows all the Taits, taken at the November 2016 wedding if Nigel and Savi.


The Taits


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I am one of those peculiar people who read the Bible through from beginning to end. One day, 10 years ago, I was approaching the end of the book of Revelation, feeling pleased with myself, when the Lord suddenly stopped me at the following verse.

"They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their

testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death."

(Revelation 12:11)

He explained to me what it meant, instructing me to build my life and His ministry upon that verse. That verse is encapsulated in the ‘mission statement’ for this, His ministry.




He then got me to write (rather, holding the pen while He wrote), as a 2-3 year old Christian, the ‘Walking With Jesus’ course. The first day he gave me the 3-part allegory of ‘The Two Marathoners’ and the next, the interpretation of it. It wasn’t until I was writing the third part of the course that I realized how closely each of the three parts of the story related to the 3 parts of the Course. God is amazing! ‘Walking With Jesus’ is all about getting deeper into God – to truly walk with Him.

The course was advertised, free of charge, (the Lord provided the money to pay for it) through our company Kaydees Gardens, mail order catalogue. It proved extremely popular and has been done by over 10,000 people in New Zealand (population nearly 4 million) as well as numbers of people around the world. Unbelievable to me! So if you desire a deeper relationship with your God, this can help point you in the right direction. You still have to make the effort though! Can’t do that for you!

Five years ago, at the time of selling our mail order business, the Lord told me to write the 3 books that go to make the trilogy, ‘Eagles Fly High!’ This series took a year to complete, applying the personal principles of Revelation 12:11 and the ‘Walking With Jesus’ course to the church as a whole – throughout history, today, and most importantly, to the final ‘Tabernacle’ or ‘Apostolic’ church that is slowly beginning to arise around the world. Amazingly the principles pertaining to the things to come are firmly established in the patterns of the Old Testament, 'Tabernacle of Moses' and ‘Feasts of the Lord’ that the Israelites were required to celebrate. Incredibly, these accurately portray the 2000 odd years of development of the New Testament church and illustrate what is yet to come, before Jesus returns for His perfect bride. Us! The church! I’ve got some way to go yet, anyway! Don’t know about you?

 After this, the Lord led me to design this web site and write the weekly ‘WWW (world wide word) of Encouragement’ to those in ministry, Praise God it's Monday! (PGIM!) and Tuesday Teachings. Plus daily publications od David’s Daily Doodling and Laughing at ourselves. These have been operating for 18-21 years now.

Maybe, that is how you are coming to read this. If not, you might like to register in the EZINES section.

Of course life is meant to be fun too, so please enjoy the jokes, trivia, and maybe even the little wisdom the site contains. Please feel free to add your contributions too.

Over the past 20 years the ministry has expanded with visits to many countries in Asia and Africa to share the Lord's vision with pastors and leaders there.

Now we are primarily ministering through social media. On Facebook we have 50,000 friends and many reid the teachings, jokes and doolings that are posted each week. 

We hope you enjoy your visit and may even be inspired to search deeper into God and prepare to fully participate in the exciting days that lie ahead.

Your friend

SigDavid 2022



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