An 3-part allegory of 2 men and a marathon. The decision to race. The training. And finally, the race itself.




Having run several marathons, I have personally experienced the pain and satisfaction of 'race day'. Of dreams fulfilled, or shattered, depending upon the result.

In the natural, there can only be one winner, but the amazing thing about the marathon is, every competitor sets themselves individual targets, so there are many winners at race end.

In the spiritual too, we can all be winners, but only if we do the training! As in any marathon, the results you achieve in the 'race of life' are determined by the effort you put in to your spiritual training.

Let's see how our two intrepid friends get on in their race, shall we.





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HISTORY OF THE MARATHON: 2,500 Years of Heroic Running...


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Note: The gaps between the brackets (___________1) are there for you to write in the underlying ‘spiritual’ meanings of the CAPITALISED words that proceed them. The letters and numbers in Italics refer you to the answers that are found, along with the interpretation, are interspersed throughout and summarised at the end of each of the 3 parts. The first two are given for free, so you can get the idea. Have fun – and get the Lord’s message too! 




Two friends, Jeremy Jogger and Roger Runner, have made the decision to run a marathon. Next time they meet will be race day.

The ups and downs of training have been experienced and overcome - or not.

But inevitably, the big 'race day' comes, whether we are ready for it or not.


Part 3: The Race (_______________c)


Finally, the big RM DAY (________________15) arrived. Roger Runner turned up in good time for the race, went through his well practised, precautionary STRETCHING ROUTINE (_______________50) and had a gentle warm up. He felt just great - rearing to go! He looked round for his old COUCH POTATO (__________________10) mate, Jeremy Jogger, but he was nowhere to be seen. Ten minutes to go to the start. Still no sign of Jeremy. Five minutes. Then two minutes. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he saw his old friend Jeremy, pushing his way towards him, through the throng. Jeremy looked terrible, he looked really terrible! He had arrived late, and had to run the 2 KILOMETRES (__________________6) from where he was able to find a park for his car to get to the starting line. He was flushed and already puffing heavily. His couch potato mystical middle area FLAB (__________________13) was bursting out over the top of his shorts. He just looked so out of place amongst the mass of well prepared, eager RUNNERS. (_________________2) While he was still trying to force his way through the crowd towards Roger, the starters pistol fired. With a loud shout the mass surged forward, knocking Jeremy off his feet as he struggled against the flow, all as one in their single minded determination to achieve the GOAL (_________________34) that they had worked towards for so long.  


Allegorical Explanations c, 2, 6, 10, 13, 34, 50



As Roger surged forward with the others, he could hear Jeremy’s rapidly fading, plaintive cry, “Roger, wait for me, wait for me!” 



Rogers mentor, MONTY MARATHONER (________________43) looked on sadly but silently. It was too late to do anything for Jeremy now. Without doing the TRAINING (_________________24) it was impossible to complete the course. There was nothing that anyone could do for JEREMY JOGGER. (__________________17) Jeremy cried like a baby as he was pushed and shoved to one side by the thousands of runners who passed him by. He was led away, a BROKEN (__________________60) man, by the race officials. His race was over before it had even begun.  



ROGER RUNNER (__________________35) meanwhile, was out on the course. The race seemed easy after the TRAINING. (__________________24) Now nearly to halfway – no problems. Then loomed up, as expected, the MOUNTAIN. (_________________48) Roger was prepared for this challenge. The going started to get a bit tougher as he climbed higher and higher but, just when he needed some encouragement, he saw the stone marking the halfway point of the race. He looked ahead and could see the road disappearing over the top of the mountain. This spurred him on, up, over the top and down the other side. What a tremendous feeling! The mountain conquered. “It will be easier now,” Roger thought, with the hint of a smile. A drink station – a welcome replacement of FLUIDS (________________61) lost on the tough mountain climb.  


Allegorical Explanations 17, 24, 35, 43, 48, 60-61



Suddenly, unexpectedly, a small INCLINE (________________62) makes its presence felt under Roger’s pounding feet. It doesn’t feel that steep but it seems to go on forever. The muscles in each leg begin to hurt and hurt badly. How could such a LITTLE HILL (_________________62) hurt so much. Roger looked up in despair. It was then that he saw MONTY MARATHONER (____________________43) standing on the side of the road, encouraging him onwards. Over the HILL. (___________________62) The 30km sign appears – only 12 to go. Then 32km – only 10 left now!

At that moment Roger’s body really starts screaming! “I can’t go on,” he thought in despair. “I can’t take any more!” But through the pain he heard his friend Monty shouting out to him, "Remember what the book says. Remember what I have taught you.” Roger remembered. He had hit ‘THE WALL’. (_________________63) The time in every marathon when the body’s metabolism changes from burning BLOOD SUGARS (________________64) to burning BODY FAT. (________________65) It was painful, unbelievably painful. It was so hard, so very hard to keep on going, but Roger KNEW (__________________11) that if he did carry on, did run through it, everything would come right. Besides, he still had Monty’s words of encouragement ringing in his ears. “Have faith in the BOOK, (_______________40) have faith in ME, (________________43) Roger.” He repeated these over and over to himself as he ran through the searing pain.


Allegorical Explanations 11, 40, 62-65



Then he looked up again – the 35km marker. Only 7 to go! He was starting to feel a bit better too. “Look ahead to the end of the race Roger,” he told himself. “All that the book and Monty have said is proving to be right.” Thirty-six kilometres, 37, 38 – 90% done – 9 steps taken out of every 10. He glanced to the side of the road and there again was MONTY (________________43) smiling and encouraging him on to even more effort. “Not far to go now,” Roger said to himself, knowing that the strain was showing on his face and in his slightly stooped body. Thirty-nine kilometres, forty. “I’m going to make it! I’m going to make it!” A new release of energy, his stride lengthens, his body straightens. He glances sideways and sees Monty there, running with him. Forty-one kilometres. Into Rotorua’s central shopping area. The crowds are cheering him on. His pace quickens some more. Monty is still running at his side, smiling and encouraging him on. Roger turns into Government Gardens and now can see the FINISHING LINE (_______________34) a couple of hundred metres ahead. Adrenalin takes over and he breaks into a sprint. The crowds cheer some more. Roger is smiling amidst the effort of sprinting those final few metres. The FINISHING LINE (________________34) arrives at last, 42km, 196 metres after the start of the race.

And who was the first to congratulate him? MONTY (________________43) of course. The exhilaration, the tiredness, the joy, the pain, the TRAINING, (_________________24) the VICTORY! (_________________34) It was all worthwhile. His GOAL (_________________34) had been achieved. The reward was in Monty’s smile. Welcome to the MARATHONERS CLUB, (_______________66) Roger.

Roger was surrounded by fellow SUCCESSFUL FINISHERS, (__________________67) some from his own MARATHON CLINIC, (________________20) whom he greeted by name, together with many others he didn’t know, but was now able to greet as sisters and brothers. They had all run THE RACE, (________________3) had all passed the test together.


Allegorical Explanations 3, 20, 66-7



Roger wasn’t the first to finish, nor was he the last, but he had run the race to the BEST OF HIS ABILITY. (__________________68) At the prizegiving, after the last FINISHER (_________________67) had completed the course, the PRESIDENT (________________5) of the MARATHON CLUB (________________66) welcomed all the FINISHERS, (_________________67) individually, to the club. JEREMY JOGGER (________________17) was nowhere to be seen. When it came to Roger’s turn, he looked up and his happiness was complete. Roger had recognised the CLUB PRESIDENT. (_______________5) He looked a little different out of his running gear but he clearly recognised his friend and mentor, MONTY MARATHONER. (________________43) “Can I ask you just one question, Mr President,” he asked. “When I was out there running my race and needed support, I looked up and every time saw my friend Monty there to encourage me. How did he manage to do that?” The PRESIDENT (__________________5) answered in a gentle voice, “Roger, we ran beside you all of the way. You ran the race to the best of your ability. WE (________________69) are proud of you.”

In the traditional end of marathon, emotional experience, Roger burst into tears, tears of joy that is, and could only just manage to reply, “Without YOUR (__________________69) guiding, prompting, example, encouragement and friendship I would never have made it. Really, the PRIZE BELONGS TO YOU.” (________________70) The race was run, the race was won. Roger would savour this moment FOREVER. (_________________71)


Allegorical Explanations 5, 68-71




C. The Race.....Judgement Day
2. Runners, Marathoners, Friends, Others.....Christians
3. Race, Course.....Race of life
5. Winner, (Olympic) Champion, Victor, President, Him.....Jesus
6. (Last) Kilometre.....The Cross
10. Couch Potato.....Worldly
11. Belief (& derivatives), Knew.....Faith (& derivatives)
13. Rolls of Fat, Flab, Kilos.....Worldly Pleasures
15. Rotorua Marathon, Marathon, RM Day, The Day.....Judgement Day
17. Jeremy Jogger.....Worldly Minded, (Uncommitted) Christian
20. Marathon Clinic.....Spiritual Church
24. Running, Training (Programme).....Christian walk of obedience
34. Finish (derivatives), Victory, Goal.....Eternal Life
35. Roger Runner.....Spiritual (obedient) Christian
40. Best book on running.....The Bible
Running Book, Book.....The Bible
43. Monty Marathoner, Me.....The Holy Spirit
48. Pulled hamstring, Injury, Mountain.....Testing
50. Hamstring stretching exercises, Stretching routine.....Spiritual Warfare
60. Broken.....Condemned
61. Fluids.....Spiritual Strength
62. Incline, Little hill, Hill.....Unexpected Testing
63. The wall.....Point of total reliance on Holy Spirit
64. Blood sugar.....Self reliance
65. Body fat.....Spiritual reliance
66. Marathoners Club.....Heaven
67. Successful finishers, Finisher.....Overcoming Christians
68. Best of his ability.....Used his talents wisely
69. We, Your.....Jesus and the Holy Spirit
70. Prize belongs to you.....Saved by grace
71. Forever.....For eternity


INTERPRETATION OF ‘The Race’ (Judgement Day)


This story illustrates the different perspective to God of our walk with Him. We see our walk as one of training to enter God’s kingdom, to put in as much or as little effort as we desire. God however, views our walk (or race) as commencing with salvation, developing through testing, perseverance and obedience. As we become more dependent upon Him, so the support of His Holy Spirit increases, until we reach the goal we seek and He desires for us – eternal life with Him.

Repented sins are forgiven and forgotten, therefore do not feature in God’s judgement of us.

Salvation qualifies us to start the race, while the rewards are at the end. Ultimate victory is achieved through full submission to Him. Only on the path of obedience can the race be run and won.

While we may be plucked out of the race (by death) at any stage, as we live we are required to keep on training and running, to attain to God’s rewards for us. To give up the training is to sacrifice the rewards. The Choice is ours.

They overcame him (that is satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (Revelation 12:11)


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There is a time of accountability for everything we do in life. Whether it is eating too much, or neglecting physical or spiritual training. Just ask anyone who has run a marathon without sufficient training! Even if they do eventually make it, it is a painful, bad memory. Like life, even having done the training, the race can be tough! But the satisfaction of the achievement soon overcomes this.

In the spiritual too, we all face our Day of Judgement, when we will be held to account for our actions (training - or lack of it) while on earth. Personally, I want it to be a good experience, where my God says, "Well done, good and faithful servant." You too?

Our South Island is very beautiful with a backbone of mountains called the Southern Alps where there is a lot of snow skiing in Winter. Mount Cook is the hightest at 3754 metres.(12,316ft)

The two main cities are Christchurch (very English) and Dunedin (a Scottish heritage). Queenstown is a well known tourist destination, being surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. Why not come and visit?


So until next week.......

His servant and yours

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