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We look at Jesus as a leader.







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What sort of a leader was Jesus?

The first comment has to be that Jesus was most unlike the leader the Jews (or we for that matter) expected.

The Old Testament prophets spoke about a Messiah who would rescue the people from their bondage. The Jews, who were continuously under occupation by the various super powers of the times, naturally thought that their rescuer would be a warrior king who would bring back the glory days the nation of Israel experienced during the time of Kings David and Solomon.




This is what the people were expecting on Palm Sunday and their disappointment and frustration rapidly turned into anger and rejection, so just a few days later, Jesus was hung on the cross to experience the dreadful death of a criminal or traitor, deserted by nearly everyone who had once followed Him. Of course, had we been there, we would never have done such a thing! Or would we?

I would suggest that the leadership style of Jesus was so different to what we, in our human condition understand, that we too would have misunderstood and sided with the people of Jerusalem on that dreadful but wonderful day.

You see, Jesus rejected a worldly form of leadership when He resisted satan's temptation right at the beginning of His ministry.



Matthew 4:8-10



Yes, at this time Jesus stated that His leadership style would be different, one of servanthood and obedience, not to His own will or that of the people, but 100% to the will of His Father.

For Isaiah had prophesied, and the people ignored,



Isaiah 53:1-3



From this description by Isaiah, we can assume that Jesus did not look like Jim Caviezel or any other 'Hollywood Jesus'.

In fact, other than Roman Historians Tacitus and Josephus who recorded the fact that Jesus had lived in Palestine, the secular world took virtually no notice of Him. Atheists have seized upon this paucity of information to try to prove that Jesus didn't even exist!

For Jesus was not a leader in the sense that the world knows and understands. Unlike King Saul, He was not outstandingly tall or handsome. He had a basic following of 12 (then 11) men who had been rejected by the Rabbis of the day as intellectually inferior, not suitable to their requirements. His most loyal supporters were a small group of women, some of whom were related to Him. In fact, after the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, there were only 120 followers left. If the Holy Spirit had not come at Pentecost, no doubt the 120 would have quickly dwindled away too.




Jesus was a leader who lived amongst the people, sharing life with them, both its ups and downs. He was initially lauded and applauded by the common people but later in His ministry was cast aside by most of them too. Of course, He was never acceptable to the secular or spiritual leadership of the day. He experienced the sorrow and suffering of rejection and finally lost His life when both the rulers and people combined to get rid of Him.

Not a leader we would admire, or follow.




Jesus did not have a 'ministry' of His own!

What a ridiculous statement, David! But it's true! Jesus came into the world not to make a name for Himself by promoting God, but simply to do His Father's will, 100% of the time - to do absolutely whatever His Father asked.



Hebrews 10:5-7



His role, and that of His followers, was to promote the kingdom of God. When he sent out the 72 He instructed them:



Luke 10:8-9



Jesus did not promote Himself, or His ministry. This was always God's plan, even being prophesied through Isaiah.



Matthew 12:15-21



His major display of divinity, the transfiguration, was reserved for His 3 closest disciples, as an encouragement for the difficult days ahead.



Matthew 17:1-2



And came with a 'pre-death publicity ban'.



Matthew 17:9



His mode of transport was the same as that of the people - walking. On His 'special day', 'Palm Sunday', He rode a donkey. What we need to understand is, no leader of the time would have been seen dead riding a donkey! It was the mode of transport of the poorest people only. Much like the Queen of England travelling to her coronation, not in a gilded coach, but on a bicycle or on a public bus!




He 100% served His Father, even when He knew it would bring unimaginable pain and suffering, resulting in death. He didn't want to die this way, but was prepared to put aside His desires for His Fathers will.



Matthew 26:39



He did not glorify Himself nor allow the people to glorify Him. Instead, that was done by the Father Himself.



Philippians 2:8-11



As part of the transformation from kings to kingdom we are to be the same as Jesus:



Philippians 2:1-7



This leadership style is not easy for us to comprehend and even more difficult to put into practice! Next week I will share some personal testimony of the struggles I have had, and continue to face, in this area.





... with personal testimony about the difficulty of living like Jesus.





Jesus was different! Certainly not a leader in the world's image!

Over the time since Jesus there has been a real struggle in the church as we try to reconcile this difference.

"Lord, may I be a servant leader like you."

Extra-Biblical Historical Evidence for the LIFE, DEATH, and RESURRECTION of JESUS


Quadratus, to Emperor Hadrian about 125 AD:
"The deeds of our Saviour were always before you, for they were true miracles; those that were healed, those that were raised from the dead, who were seen, not only when healed and when raised, but were always present. They remained living a long time, not only whilst our Lord was on earth, but likewise when He had left the earth. So that some of them have also lived to our own times."

(Pseudo-)Barnabas, written 130-138 AD:
"He must needs be manifested in the flesh. ... He preached teaching Israel and performing so many wonders and miracles, and He loved them exceedingly. ... He chose His own apostles who were to proclaim His Gospel. ... But He Himself desired so to suffer; for it was necessary for Him to suffer on a tree."



So until next week.......

His servant and yours

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