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It's a truism, that in many churches the best and most important sermon preached on a Sunday is for the offering!

Conversely, the twin signs of a true conversion are; making amends with those, one has wronged, plus having a generous wallet!

Yes, money, giving and receiving, shows where our heart truly is. For we all love receiving, but giving reflects the heart of God within.


2 Corinthians 9:6-7



It is true too, that the structure of the church with its emphasis on buildings, paid clergy and programmes is a heavy consumer of financial resources, simply to keep going.

It follows from this then, that most teaching on giving is proclaimed in anticipation of the teacher, whether it is an individual or a church, being the recipient of the gifts! Put harshly, it is simply disguised self-interest.

In the Old Testament, the principle of tithing is established in 6 passages. The most detailed treatment is in Deuteronomy. Interestingly here, it only involves giving the tithe to the Levites and the poor, every third year. In the other two, the tithe is to be taken to the Temple where the tithers themselves are to consume it, giving thanks in front of the Lord.


Deuteronomy 14:22-3, Deuteronomy 26:12



The New Testament does not mention the tithe. Why? Simply because we have moved from the Age of Law to the Age of Grace. The emphasis in the New Testament therefore, is on giving. Giving comes out of our heart attitude towards God, our desire to bless Him as He has blessed us. It is an 'internal', heart decision under the New Covenant, not an 'external' requirement of the Law of the Old.

For those who follow Jesus fully, the heart response towards giving is likely to be more than 10%! In fact, one rich man was asked to give not 10%, but everything he had! The emphasis too, is always on giving to the poor.


Matthew 19:21



The focus of the prosperity type doctrines so prevalent today in the church today though, is on giving to receive. Give the Lord (by way of me) a Ford (with apologies to Henry!) and you will receive from the Lord (not from me) a Rolls Royce. Not only does this rarely happen, and if so, for other reasons, but it is contrary to the entire tenor of New Testament Scripture.

For our rewards are to be heavenly, not carnal, illustrated in the example of the rich young man above, and confirmed again by Jesus here.


Matthew 6:19-21



Today God is calling His church, his people, away from a mindset of receiving to one of giving. Sacrificial giving! Giving of our time, our resources, our thought lives, our leisure, our all, to Him. For giving is the very heart of servanthood, to which we are all called. Yes, it is nice to receive, but it is blessed to give. To give our whole life to Jesus, as Jesus did for us. That is the call upon His people today.

PRINCIPLE 5: God is calling out to Himself today a people who are prepared to give all to Him.

DAVID'S DOUBTS: "But God, I need an aeroplane to be efficient for you!" "If it is that critical David, I will get you there - my way!" "Okay God..."




Worship is a most difficult subject to write about, for we all have our own views! Ask a pastor to itemise the areas of greatest controversy within their church and worship will almost certainly be included. We all have worship styles we enjoy and which we believe take us into God's presence. But they, and we, are all different! Praise the Lord for that!

True worship though, is far greater than our feelings or a desire for a particular music style. For true worship comes from deep within.

Whether it is King David in the Old Testament:


Psalms 86:11-13



Or the greatest commandment of the New: 


Luke 10:27



Worship is at the heart of our faith and walk with Jesus. In the Tabernacle of Moses, worship comprised specific ceremony detailed within the Law, as given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. The closest thing to a musical instrument was the shofar (ram's horn trumpet) used to call the people to the most holy, annual Day of Atonement, the time when the High Priest made sacrifice for all the unintentional sins of the people.

Music however, didn't form part of the ritual ceremonies.

Then along came David! King David, that is! A man after God's own heart!


1 Samuel 13:14



One who worshipped Him with musical instruments and with song. God liked it! And He still does! So David set up another Tabernacle, a simple tent, one where the people could see the Ark of the Covenant for the first time. David truly put his mouth where his heart was!


Psalm 26:2-3



A picture of what Jesus would do when He died on the cross and the Temple curtain was ripped in two, from top to bottom.

Jesus opened up the Holy of Holies to us, which we may now enter through worship. True worship from deep within, from the spirit, and in truth. Not just by singing songs - whether hymns, choruses or full-on pentecostal praise for an hour.


John 4:23-4



Very quickly, whatever form of worship we participate in can become familiar and rote. We have done it all before! We know the method! Or maybe, we are just bored with it all!

Today, God is seeking worshippers with a 'David heart', ones who will worship Him with their whole being. Not just for an hour on a Sunday, but those to whom worship is a lifestyle. For our worship is to be reflected in our actions. Others should be able to see that we are sold out to Jesus in both word and action. A challenge? Yes! But the people God is seeking today.



PRINCIPLE 6: God is calling out to Himself today a people who will worship Him with their whole life and being.

"But God, surely Sunday is enough?" "But you want Me to be with you 24/7, don't you?" "Okay God, I get it!"




as we look at a change of focus required in 2 areas in the church. 




Removing an Old Testament mentality from our thinking and behaviour is extremely difficult to do as it is the natural human way of doing things.

But Jesus came to bring a 'new way' of thinking and behaviour that we need to apply if we are to enter a into a deeper relationship with Him.

Ancient Babylonia - Geography

Where is Mesopotamia?

Babylonia was situated in the area known as Mesopotamia (Greek for "between the rivers"). Mesopotamia was in the Near East in roughly the same geographical position as modern Iraq. Two great rivers flowed through this land: the Tigris and the Euphrates. Along these two rivers were many great trading cities such as Ur and Babylon on the Euphrates.


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6. Our true heart is found in our wallet:
- The foolish spend all on themselves.
- The wise tithe 10% to the provider.
- The godly use all they have been given on the provider’s behalf.

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