From Passover, Through Pentecost, Towards Tabernacles

CoverFrom Passover
Through Pentecost
Towards Tabernacles



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A revelatory, scripturally based study describing God's church - Past, Present and Future. Contains many insights into God's desires for His people in these end times. This overview will help you both better understand the direction of the church as a whole and the place of your ministry within the overall picture.



I became acquainted with David Tait when he did the Word of Life Bible and Discipleship Training Course in our church in 1991. His wife Kathy had completed the study the previous year.

Our association grew into friendship and then in 1994 David and Kathy joined our church (Abundant Life Community Church, Tauranga). Since then they have continued to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. They have learned to be content, regardless of the state they are in, whether having much or little.

During this time David has experienced remarkable business success and then seen a complete reversal of those fortunes. However his giving nature has not been affected by his circumstances. His desire to bless others through what he has experienced is reflected in this book, ‘Eagles Fly High!’

David has set out this book as a journey of his discovery of truth. He weaves this truth into practical illustration to help the reader identify with his walk in God. He has a unique ability to write about his relationship with God as seen in his everyday observations of himself and the environment around him. David’s pragmatic approach to life is shown in the way he presents his stories in parable form (and for those who may struggle with the interpretation, he gives the meanings of the key symbols at the end of the story).

The central theme of ‘Eagles Fly High!’ is the scripture from Revelation 12:11 – "and they overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death". This is a three-part process leading to full maturity in the believer’s life and can be paralleled with the three Feasts of the Lord – Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, as well as the three areas of Moses’ Tabernacle – the Outer Court, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.

David’s desire is that all Christians understand and progress toward full salvation in Christ as revealed through these Old Testament pictures of New Testament truth.

I commend this book to you as a means of helping you to understand the journey in Christ that is before each one of us. May you be enthused and encouraged as you travel along the pathway that David maps out before you.

Mike Cullen
Senior Pastor



Welcome Bay Tauranga

4th March 2001

Dear David
I do want to thank you for sending a copy of your manual
‘EAGLES FLY HIGH’. It is obvious that you have done tremendous
research on the subject you cover and I want you to know that I think
it is a great work.

I trust that there will be a real demand and that many people will be
blessed by reading and studying the same. It is most wonderful subject
and very dear to my heart as it is the subject that I have ministered
on also for a number of years now.

I do pray that the Lord will continue to inspire you to produce manuals
like this as the material is so beneficial for the people of God. Thank
you so much for sending me a copy. I trust that we will have the
opportunity to meet together. If you are ever out and about our way
do call at the College, we would love to fellowship with you.

May this be the greatest year of your life thus far in the purpose of God
David and may you find Him granting you the very real desire of your
heart this year.

Sincerely in Christ

Des Short




12th June 2001

Hi David
Pastor Paul de Jong has asked me to write on his behalf a big thank you for the complimentary
manuscript of ‘Eagles Fly High’. It is so valuable to get our teaching notes into print.
You have turned out a fantastic job.
I trust the second half of this year to be the best to date in your Christian ministry.

Keep writing.

Yours in Christ,

Dave Beaumont
Discipleship & Development
Christian Life Centre Auckland


Reference Bruce Patrick Auckland Baptist Tabernacle
for Eagles Fly High

Dear David,
My apologies. I suffer from a previously undiagnosed rare disease known
as Occupational Orientation Preoccupation Syndrome, or OOPS!!! Because
of this I omitted to write to thank you for the copy of Eagles Fly High
sent last December. It's a great effort, full of interest. I hope you find
it useful in making disciples. There's a vacuum of discipling in many
churches, and every effort is an advance!

Thanks again,

Bruce Patrick
Senior Pastor
Auckland Baptist Tabernacle


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