In decades past in New Zealand, as in many countries I guess, it has not been the right thing for a ‘real man’ to be seen to be writing poetry, (except perhaps when trying to woo a lady!) so most of us haven’t. I can’t say that over the years I ever really had the inclination either, except for a couple of ‘moments of weakness’ when I was really feeling down and rhyming lines came into my mind.

All changed however at the dawn of the new millennium. I remember well, sitting at my computer, when the radical rhymes just flowing from my mind, through the keyboard and, almost magically it seemed, appearing on the screen. God was releasing a whole new dimension in my life. He never ceases to amaze me! It was the last thing I would have thought of doing myself!

Since then I have had lots of fun doing them, from time to time as the inspiration hits. Most take about a day to complete – 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, as is the rule in most things of life. I trust you may also derive a little pleasure from reading them too!


Life has its ups and downs

The sky was once so blue

But now has a grey hue

Indeed the sun did shine

And life was, oh so fine.


But now the rain has surely come,

Pouring cats and dogs on some, 

Life's problems are too big to bear,

Oh Lord, it surely, simply, isn't fair!


But then, one day, the rain just disappears,

The sun returns, and with it, no more fears.

Spring has sprung, new growth peaks through,

Your life so bad changes, now shines anew.


Yes, we all go through testing,

Challenges, problems galore,

Until we grow again to resting,

In our Lord's love, forevermore.


David Tait

24 April 2022

Needs no explanation!

We all experience stress! Ho do we deL WITG?

Stress! Stress!

Need a rest.


God is god,

All the time!

May I rest in Him!


David Tait

6 March 2022


It is along time since have written a proper poem, rather than just a short verse. Now the Lord has inspired me to write this, only my second ever psalm. May it help

(of David Tait)

Oh Lord how can it be

Life is challenging me.

The virus that is scaring us all,

The long, the short. the tall.


Oh Lord how can it be

Life is challenging me.

To see so many, many, walk away from You,

Faith destroyed, cure hasn't come through.


Oh Lord how can it be

Life is challenging me.

Surely Lord, for we are so clever today,

A cure now, just a stones throw away!


Oh Lord how can it be

Life is challenging me.

Why can't the people now see, that You,

are the Mightiest, through and through?


Oh Lord how can it be

Life is challenging me.

May we come  closer to You, not turn away,

Yes, you're my faithful God, all of the day.


"Don't be troubled my Son, for I am with you,

And all who turn to me, to you all I am true.

For I have indeed afflicted a straying mankind,

Seeing whose faith is real, now surely to find,


For faith is always built through troubles my son.

When life is too easy, people depart one by one.

To truly follow me takes courage, to trust me true.

For all who take it, my kingdom is here for you."


Thank you Lord



 David Tait 2 January 2022


Today is today,

Not tomorrow,

Nor yesterday,

Joy or sorrow.


Today's the day we can live for,

Nothing less, nothing more.

Make the most of what it brings,

Ups and downs, many swings.


Make the best of today,

Live in the present.

Delight or dismay,

Be in His presence.


Today is the day,

To God to pray.

Yes, Jesus to love and adore,

We don't know what's in store.


In Him we will find peace,

His love does not cease.

So let's make this day,

One in Jesus to stay.


A numbers musing +

Numbers are fun

Ninety-two to one

2 4 U?

Pink or Blue!


12 x 30 is 120

10 dozen is plenty

Of fine brown eggs I means

Or 4 x 30 of beans


12 x 2 is 24

But maybe no more

Tables are no longer taught

Answers now need thought!


1 + 1 = 2's no longer true,

Boy or girl, the same way 2!

New maths and life are so confusing,

When 10 divided by 2 requires musing.


Maybe I'm dumb or just a fool

Or needs go to a PC school

But 1 + 1 is 2 u c,

Simply now, cannot be 3!


Some are short, some are tall,

But our God loves us all.

You are surely different to me,

Makes no difference you see.


So if you feel the odd one out,

One God knows nothing about,

It simply is not true,

God loves you too.


Take your worries to God today

He will help you no the way.

The challenges of life to face,

Through His loving grace.


So come to Him my friend,

A message to God do send,

He will surely help you through,

For He loves, both me and you.


(Not easy to do!)

We all have difficulties with this!

Everything has its time,
And all has its season.
Wait for the hour to chime,
At a time beyond reason.

For God's will to be done,
He must get ready - us,
Then the hour will come,
With very little fuss!



( A psalm of God to David (Tait).)

On Friday, when I was having a difficult day, the Lord gave me Psalm 23, personalized from Him to me! And you too!

I am your shepherd, you lack nothing.
I make you lie down in green pastures,
I lead you beside quiet waters,
I refresh your soul.
I guide you along the right paths for My name's sake.

Even though you walk through the darkest valley,
You will fear no evil, for I am with you;
My rod and my staff, they comfort you.

I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies.
I anoint your head with oil; your cup overflows.

My goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life,
and surely, you will dwell in My house forever.


(Been a busy week.)

Been a busy week. Now running late!

This week has gone in a flash,
Here and there did I dash.
Computer keys were smashed
When outside, rain lashed.

Beautiful rain after four months dry,
Very rarely a cloud in the sky.
Temperatures so warm for time of year,
Nice for us but costing farmers dear.

Now to get this PGIM finished,
Before the deadline has vanished.
So bye, bye, bye, bye, bye!
So to bed, it may then lie.


(You are never late?!)

You are never late?! Sadly, occasionally I am! LOL!

The weeks come,
The weeks go.
Whither to?
Don't know!

Sorry to be so late,
Upon me it does grate.
But the world has not ended as far as I know!
So onward to victory, I know my God will go!


(A new year)

A new year, What will we do in it?

A new year is here.
But will we hear?
Desire to be in one accord,
With our master and Lord.

To be in His rest,
Is often a test.
May the Lord take you there,
Be an end all your despair.



(When thoughts desert you.......)

When thoughts desert you....... write a poem. People will then excuse you -I hope!

An 'inspiration'?
Where, where!
Here, here!

In a sweat!
What to write?
Getting wet!
Too right!


By next week,
Mind may clear.
It will speak.
Yes! No fear!

Until then, please do, do, enjoy the day,
For then my mind will come out to play!


(On a day when I ran out of other inspiration)

On a day when I ran out of other inspiration to write 'A David Musing' in the weekly PGIM! ezine.

Today, I have some time,
So, 'why not a rhyme?'
A very good idea indeed,
For brain work I need.

But what will I write about?
Something with some clout!
Or something simple, so not the brain to strain,
Yet still, a modicum of intelligence to feign.

The decision will be yours as to which way I went,
Whether philosophy or simplicity is my bent.
For I have no idea what may now come forth,
Be it at first attempt, or the fourth! (sorry, nothing else rhymes with 'forth')

I was born on the 'fourth' of July you see,
A very special day, both for America and me.
For if, at that time, I had not been born,
My birth could now be treated with scorn!

But instead, I get fireworks every year,
Something I love, let me make clear,
But I live in the wrong country, I now do remember,
For in New Zealand, 'cracker night' is 5 November!

Now that information is all but by the by,
To get serious I will now earnestly try.....

I can't!

So if you have got this far,
Expecting wisdom from afar,
You will be most disappointed,
For today I am not anointed!

I trust that my inspiration will one day return,
(If I have sufficient brain cells left to burn!)
In the meantime I say 'goodbye',
Please believe it - I did try!


(In too much of a hurry?)

Normally writing verse takes longer than writing prose. But not this time!

Time is short,
Too much sport!

Bad attitude,
No gratitude!

Put Jesus first,
Develop thirst!

Do come aboard,
Jesus is Lord!


(After a long day.)

Sometimes there is more to do than time available. Know the feeling?

The time is late, mate,
Work does not rate.
Must go home to the wife,
And get myself a life!

PGIM is now done,
Tis time for fun.
All work and no play,
Been the diet today.

A sleep to be had,
So not all is bad.
Then the sun will shine
And joy again, be mine!

Goodnight..... (or morning)


(What my Jesus did for me.)

Celebrating the most important event in history ' the death and resurrection of Jesus. To some it may seem like a tragedy but the reality is that it was the final victory for Jesus over sin and death, and through Him, for us too. The ultimate example of the saying, 'No gain without pain!' For the pain Jesus suffered that day was indescribable. He was beaten to a pulp, unrecognisable, not at all like the sanitised pictures we have of this gentle looking man sadly looking down on his followers from the cross. He suffered the most agonising and extreme torture and death that it was possible for the Romans to inflict, and they were real experts at it. This poem attempts, inevitably inadequately, to describe some of the events of that day, a day that had amazingly, been specifically predicted hundreds of years before it came. Indeed it was foreshadowed from the very time that it became necessary, the moment that Adam and Eve were separated from God through sin.

(Matthew 27:46)"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabaacthani" He cried,
My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?
On the stroke of the ninth hour he died
Rejected, cruelly nailed to the God deserted tree.
My Jesus, shedding his blood for me.

To Gethsemane he came, the holy one
(Luke 22:42) Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me;
Yet not my will, but yours be done.
For I'll ever be obedient, until you set me free.

(Luke 22:44) Being in anguish he prayed more earnestly,
His sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.
The disciples exhausted, slept on peacefully.
Returning from his prayers, by Jesus they were found.
My Jesus, he shed his blood for me.

(Luke 22:47) While he was still speaking a crowd came up,
Included traitor Judas, with whom he did sup.
The chief priests, officers, soldiers and all,
They arrested him, for that was their call.

At the chief priests house they questioned him,
(Matthew 26:67) Spit in his face and struck him with their fists.
The cup of his blood now overflowing its rim,
Grieving eyes closing, seeing through mists.
My Jesus, again he shed his blood for me.

So Jesus, my Saviour, to Pilate was now taken,
His determination to do God's will, never shaken.
(Matthew 27:11) "Are you the king of the Jews?" Pilate demanded,
(27:11) "Yes it is as you say". My Saviour then remanded.

(Matthew 27:23) "What crime has he committed?" The people, they were consulted.
(27:22-3) "Crucify him! Crucify him!" The rabble cried out loud.
(27:26) Then he released Barabbas to them, Pilate's feelings most insulted,
(27:26) While he had Jesus flogged, simply to please the crowd.
A third time, my Jesus shed his blood for me.

Seven hundred years before that terrible day,
Through the prophet Isaiah my Jesus did say,
(Isaiah 50:6) "I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting",
To happen to Jesus, God's son, was not befitting.

(Isaiah 50:6)"I offered my back to those who beat me,
My cheeks to those who pulled out my beard."
With beard gone, Oh God, how could it be,
So intense the pain, more than he had feared.
Four times, my Jesus shed his blood for me.

(Matthew 27:27) Then the Governor's soldiers took Jesus into the Praetorium.
No peace for him there, no place to rest, was no sanatorium,
(27:28) They stripped him and put a scarlet robe on him,
Preparing my Jesus to die, out on that awful limb.

(Matthew 27:29) They twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head,
(27:29) They put a staff in his right hand, for truly he was the righteous king.
They used the staff to beat the thorns in deeper and deeper instead,
(27:30) Struck him on the head again and again, making worse his suffering.
Five times, my Jesus shed his blood for me.

Under the weight of the cross, voice slurred,
(Psalm 22:15) "My strength is dried up like a potsherd,
And my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth",
Step by step weakening, as he headed south.

(Psalm 22:16) Hung on to the cross, "they pierced my hands and my feet."
(Matthew 27:33-4) At The Place of the Skull. There they offered Jesus wine to drink.
The time was coming near, with his Father again to meet.
His blood poured out, his body near death, it began to shrink.
Six times, my Jesus shed his blood for me.

(Mark 15:33) Darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour,
An 'awe-full', fearsome display of God's fury and power!
(Mark 15:37) With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last,
His worldly pain, now a thing of the past.

(John 9:33) The soldiers came to Jesus and found that he was already dead,
So now there was no need to break his legs.
A lunging spear into his side, spewing forth blood so red,
All poured out, right down to the dregs.
This final time, Jesus shed all his blood for me.

Yes, seven times my Jesus shed his blood for me,
Receiving from the Father, forgiveness of all my sin.
He came to earth; he died, forever to set me free,
He opened the heavenly gates, now to welcome me in.
All because, seven times, Jesus shed his blood for me.

My thanks to Dr Derek Prince for his insights in discovering and teaching this truth.


(Walking in His way.)

A brief overview of 'walking with Jesus'.

Don't want to know, need never tell,
What life is like, down there in Hell!

I look up to Heaven,
To avoid the leaven.

For the sin in life,
Gets me in strife,
But Jesus forgave,
My soul to save.

To believe in Him, to walk in His way,
To do his will, His commands to obey,
To my soul, it does now ring a chord.
Jesus: my friend, my master, my Lord.


(All in the Lord's timing!)

Proving the spiritual gift of patience in an important decision is a real test. One, I am with difficulty, learning to live out!



May your will be done, Lord.



(The weather has changed.....)

We live through the seasons, in the natural and the Spirit

The weather has changed
It wasn't arranged,
With me at least!
What a beast!

Sitting in my office, in the cold,
Shivering - no, not getting old!
That is what I convince myself!
Too young to be on the shelf!

While winter is nearly here'
Sad for my body - oh dear!
I know Spring will one day come,
Ninety-odd days, and then some.

So I much look forward to the day,
When the warm will return to stay,
For another nine months or so,
To be shining on my torso.

So put a smile on my face
As through Winter I race.
Knowing the sun will return,
For that time, I do yearn.

Living the Summer and Winter of Life,
Some days are good, some in strife.
But in heaven, I am sure we will find,
Eternal sunshine - if you don't mind!


(A meal gone wrong)

A bit of nonsense that just came out of me - literally! You wish it hadn't, I know! But it did! Hope you can work it out, out, out!

Look, look, look!
Chook, chook, chook!
Cook, cook, cook!
Crook, crook, crook!

Spew, spew, spew!
True, true, true!
Renew, renew, renew!
Phew, phew,phew!

Well, well, well!
Swell, swell, swell!
Tell, tell, tell!
Heaven, not hell!


(The title says it all! Deadline approaches!)

It is amazing how verse can come to your rescue when prose fails! Well - maybe! You be the judge!

Busy week,
As we speak,
But what to write,
As blank as night!

Inspiration's a funny thing,
Comes and goes on a wing.
Often there, sometimes not,
Have no outline of a plot.

Well David, why not try a rhyme?
In for a penny, in for a dime.
Something may come of it, you never know,
It's working, from a beginning so slow.

Whether or not this is inspiration, is for you to decide,
You may think it is, or very well my intelligence deride.
But the lines of verse are getting longer and longer and longer,
The hitting of keys, stronger and stronger, yes, even stronger!

So if you lack inspiration,
A rhyme brings impartation.
It may not make sense,
Rather be nonsense!
Bit it fills the page.
Likely a sign of age!
Another job done!
Wasn't that fun!

(NO..... IT WASN'T! .....Well, at least I tried! .....Christmas madness, perhaps?)


(Depression and loneliness are big problems today.)

Depression and loneliness are big problems today. Yet the answers are often in our own hands through applying the principles of loving and helping others, that Jesus taught us.

Life is fun.
On the run.
Plenty to do.
How about you?

Time dragging?
Morale sagging?
Go help some others.
Orphans and mothers.

Takes mind off yourself,
You're not on the shelf.
It's something you can do,
Yes, a word, so very true.

Serving others, it gives you a lift,
Depression off you, it does shift.
You get to help someone in need,
While bringing you up to speed!

A win, win action for all,
It keeps you on the ball.
While those who so need the hand,
Will smile, all around the land.

Jesus came to show us the way,
A servant to all, was His play.
If we care to follow His chosen path,
Will brighten the day, make us laugh.

When you are down, but want to be up,
Remember Jesus, drink from His cup.
For His ways are greater than ours,
Serving others will fill the hours.

Jesus to others we will become,
Widows, orphans and solo mum.
God's kingdom will be built here on earth,
And you will have assisted in its birth.

"Your kingdom come, Your will be done"'
Is not to be religious, it can be fun.
You too can shine as a light so bright,
Reflecting Jesus' love, day and night.



(My mind.)

My mind when having to write an article for my PGIM newsletter



A light!
At night!
No way!
It's day!

Next week,
Then I'll speak.
Surely will.
Peace is still.


(The meaning?)

What is the meaning of Easter to you?

E is for EGG, the symbol of new life
A is for Jesus, now NO. 1 priority
S is for the SAVIOUR, who died for me
T is for the CROSS on which He died
E is for ENORMOUS, the sacrifice He made
R is for RESSUSECTION, for my eternity

What does EASTER mean to you?


(Time speeding up?)

Where do the days go! Maybe we need to relax a little more?

*Do you wonder about time?
Always in short supply.
Your thoughts for a dime,
*Can you think of a reply.
Only sixty minutes in an hour,
Many try to squeeze out more.
Eek! I just don't know how!
Simply don't know the score.

*Didn't you know it was Monday?
And now it has come to Friday!
You know, where does the week go?
Surely not slow, go with the flow!
*God cries when He sees us rush,
On we go, turning life to mush!

*What have I achieved this week?
Have I done all right?
Every challenge met, so to speak?
Really seen the light?
Everything has instead, gone so awry!
*The week ends in tatters!
How could this happen, look to the sky!
Each job, it so matters!
Your comings and goings, always going 'to be',
*Good intentions, with problems you do not see!
Ouch! Didn't get it all done! Out of my tree!

*'Now my son', a voice I heard,
'Or need I shout, so absurd!
Order your life in my perfect way,
Need to put Me first in your day.
Everything you do is not of me,
*Know this, it will set you free.
Needs and wants are not the same,
Only need to put Me in your frame.
We can walk on your life's journey together,
See, I Am with you, whatever the weather.


(What is your lifes mission?)

Is your life's mission, mission?!

What ought,
Be taught,
In thought?
I aught!

Good News?
Your views?
What cues?
Pay dues.

Jesus saves!
Heaven paves!
Satan raves!
Makes waves!

My mission
Give vision.
Your decision.
With precision.

Which way?
Jesus sway?
Your day.
Him obey.



(Two major earthquakes in 17 days.)

Two major earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan in 17 days. How can it be? What could it mean? 'Q' comes to mind!

QUAKES - shake the earth
QUANTITY - more and more
QUAKING - people are
QUAIL - in terror
QUESTION - end of world?

QUARRY - the truth
QUARREL - with God
QUARTER - none given
QUIBBLE - over details
QUELL - doubt
QUIT - excuses
QUID - both ways

QUIET - reflection
QUEST - for truth
QUERY - Why?
QUOTE - Matthew 24:7
QUIZZICAL - maybe!
QUALMS - God may be real!
QUANTUM - leap of faith

QUOTIENT - Jesus is the answer!


(Words are both fun and meaningful.)

Playing with words (other than 'munting' them for TXT messages) is both fun and meaningful.

God is good.
Good is God.

Rather the Father.
To pray and obey.

No time to bide.
In Him abide.

There's the sun.
Here's the Son.

Vie, try, sigh.
Die, guy, high!

Bye, bye!!!


(All too often we don't consider the long term consequences of our choices in life.)

All too often we don't consider the long term consequences of our choices in life. Choices made now will affect us for eternity.

Life comes, life goes,
Brings peaks, and lows.
We surely reap what we sow!
Our tide does ebb and flow.

When I look back on what I've done,
I see the storms, but also the sun.
For I have done good, at times been bad,
Sometimes am happy, sometimes am sad.

No, the time past I cannot now change,
But my future, yes, I may rearrange.
What will I do? Where will I go?
I may think, but God does know.

Will I put my life in His hand?
On His Rock, my days to stand.
Or will I build my house on the sand?
And His will for me, not understand.

Today I am charged to live the call.
Am I prepared to give Him my all?
Or will I continue in my earthly ways?
Seeking my own pleasure, all my days.

My time may well be short, it may be long,
Before joining Jesus, forever to belong,
What will He say that glorious day I see His face?
Knowing I've been saved, by His amazing grace.

Will it be, "Well done good and faithful servant",
Or will I seek my actions to quickly recant!
For on that day, I will surely see
The result of choices, made by me.

The past I can't change, the future neither,
But by my today's actions I can either
Build His kingdom here upon the earth,
Or make my own! My decision, my worth.

What will I do? Where will I go?
Will it be wheat or tares I sow?
Today I now have the choices to make,
Of what direction my life will take.

You too, my friend, today are in the very same boat,
To be a sheep of the Shepherd, or to be the goat.
What will be your choice of 'the way' to live?
All your life to Jesus, will you now give?

One day we will meet together with Jesus in heaven,
Having lived lives of fruitfulness, or of leaven.
The choices we now make on earth today,
Do determine what role we will play.

Let's now look towards
Our heavenly rewards.
The choice is mine,
The choice is thine!


(The celebration of a monumental milestone in our family took place this weekend!)

An amazing event in our family! My Mum, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her late 40's is still with us to celebrate her 90th birthday, becoming the longest lived lady ON our 300 year family tree! Incredible!

Yes, today my Mum has turned ninety!
Threescore years, plus ten, plus twenty!
Where have all those years gone?
To us, a right royal paragon
Of virtue, befitting a hundred and fifty.

My Mum was born in Northern Ireland.
Green grass, grey sky, but her land.
Taken to Canada when oh so small,
Before arriving on New Zealand soil,
Where, on the farm, she leant a hand.

Experiencing the quake of 31 at school,
Where, of course, she was nobody's fool.
Yes, dux of her year, you would expect no less,
With lots of brains, the Lord, my Mum did bless.
Getting it right, not the exception, but the rule.

Then up and away, to work on her bike,
Along the embankment, fast as you like.
In a lawyer's office, my Mum did lurk,
Behind a typewriter, she did work.
Through a mountain of paper, Mum did hike.

One day in a shoe shop, she did meet her match,
A dastardly plan, my Dad, he did slyly hatch.
One wrong shoe in a box,
Put in by the wily old fox,
Return she did, where now, he made his catch.

Along came wedding bells and the knot was tied,
And then a son, bearing whom, she nearly died.
A time of blindness to go along with the pain,
But a bonny boy (if I may say so) she did gain!
To bring him up right, was what she always tried.

Eighteen months later, he was joined by a cute sister,
Judith Lorraine, a girl to dote on, not another mister.
Now there were two, with each other to fight,
Or rather, over which, a proud Mum, to skite.
Our Mum, she now had her son and her daughter.

I remember my Mum out on the tennis court,
A pretty picture in her dress, oh so short.
And then, of course, she charmed the Queen,
On the Britannia, where not many have been,
An experience, money could not have bought.

First MP's wife, then as the gracious Mayoress,
Napier City, with her presence, she did bless.
Public life though, was not easy for her,
Home with family, she did rather prefer,
Always beautiful, in the way she did dress.

Mum and Dad, they travelled far and wide,
From Taj Mahal, to Sistine Chapel, inside.
They took us to Australia to visit a sewage farm,
A memorable pong that surely did me no harm.
While a cricket ball, round the MCG, it did glide.

Then came the shock diagnosis of multiple sclerosis,
But my Mum would not let it become a neurosis,
The Catholic charismatics prayed so hard,
That our God, played His trump card,
The disease never reaching its terrible prognosis.

Mum, you've been so brave and stoic in the challenges of life,
Always with a shrug and a smile, even when in great strife,
An example to me, and others, you have been,
In the good and the bad, and the in-between,
You have coped, persevered, always the good Mum and wife.

From Thompson to Kennedy Road, then up on the hill,
To Avon Terrace, several houses you and Dad did fill.
But in time, your husband, our Dad, did die,
Putting on a brave face, inside you did cry.
Then to get on with your life, it became your will.

Over the past 14 years I have watched you grow,
A new Lady Tait, have been privileged to know.
As you have made a new life on your own,
Into a new dimension you have grown.
A fresh dash of yeast to leaven your dough.

From Knightsbridge Village to Devonshire Place,
You've inspired others with your smile and grace.
A contentment in the face of difficulties you have found,
A model, to me, and to others, whom you are around.
In your later years, you have truly found your place.

Yes, as you have reached the milestone of 90 today,
The longest lived lady, in 300 years, you can now say,
All your family together, we're so blessed by your life,
A faithful daughter, mother, grandmother and wife.
I thank and love you. 'My Mum', you will ever stay.

David Tait: Saturday 16 October 2010


(In God)

Was sitting at the computer wondering what to write, when this came to me. Not sure that it applies to me today, but maybe to you? God works in mysterious ways! In my life and yours!

I cannot come.
Sounds dumb.
Why not?
In a snot!
What about?
In doubt.
No faith.
Am a waif.
Blown round.
Not found.
No sound.
Am bound.
Doubts abound.
Hardly profound!

I understand you, my son,
Life is not always fun,
My healing in you, has begun,
Into my arms, you may now run.

Your honesty and despair,
Does now let me repair,
Do not with others compare,
Together, we make a pair.

Come back to me my friend,
On life's road to wend,
Time with me to spend,
On me you can depend.

Thank you Lord,
Struck a chord.
Take me now in.
New life begin.
Peace in You,
Yes, it's true,
Thru 'n thru,
A new view.
You 'n me Lord,
In one accord.
Found your rest,
Just the best.
To You I submit.
As one we're knit!


(The big '0')

Last weekend when we visited Christchurch for our close friend Roger's 70th birthday, I wrote this poem for him. He is happy to have it published.

Here's to our Roger,
Now the old codger,
Seventy years gone by, in just a flash,
As round the golf course, he does dash.
There he's known as the 'artful dodger'!

The handicap may have dipped,
While the waistline has slipped,
But the putting's still mean
Once he gets on the green.
But block your ears, if the hole is lipped!

Now there's more to life than golf you know,
The brain is fast, even if the body's slow,
The family history has been recorded,
'Tis just what the doctor ordered.
For our Roger's always on the go!

Of course, there is the paternal side,
From teaching to grandkids, did he glide,
He's such a blessing to Tony and Rose,
Even when he gets up their nose!
Helping others grow, feels so good inside.

Of course, Beryl and Roger are a pair,
A combination that is extremely rare!
They do say that opposites attract,
But together, they make a great act!
For each other, they do genuinely care.

So now that Roger has reached three score and ten,
He has proved himself to be a man amongst men.
We all do wish you every best wish today,
An early night's in order, with Beryl to play,
And in ten year's time, we'll do this all again!


(Mind abuzz!)

My mind is abuzz with lots of different noise as I sit here writing this. A band practicing next door for a ball tonight (Saturday), radio going in the shop, people speaking to me, a Christian conference streaming from the internet! Bombarded with noise! Any wonder my brain is addled! This has been the result. Hope it makes some sense to you!

Name is Tait.
Life is great.
Something I ate?
Don't know mate!

A nonsense rhyme!
Basil and thyme.
A taste divine.
It's all thine!

Catch the drift?
Mind miffed.
Spirit to lift.
Paradigm shift.

God is good.
He could,
If you would.

Excuse the rave.
Jesus does save.
No more a slave.
Mind to behave.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

U 2?

(Not the band!)

When inspiration fails me I write a rubbish rhyme! Enjoy - or cry - or empathasise!

Not a thought.
But I ought
To have inspiration,
Not perspiration.
In emptiness am caught!

At least it does still rhyme.
Caught the brain in time.
Rubbish 4 u 2 read,
Must get up to speed.
Many mountains yet to climb.

So now u take a rest,
Your brain do not test,
Next week will be better,
Letter will follow letter,
4 I may b back 2 my best!


(What is our priority?)

This is being written as we expand our business by 50%, opening 3 new shops over a 6 week period. But can I keep my priorities right?

Lots of perspiration,
But no inspiration.
So please bear with me,
Until I'm set free!

Another shop to open this week,
The toilet there, it does leak!
So many things there are still to do,
While also to God, to remain true.

When you are expanding in the business
Tis easy to get taken over by busyness
Take a rest David, seek the Lord,
With Him do now strike a chord.

What is my priority?
Who gets seniority?
It's so very very easy to go astray,
In the good intentions of the day.

Tomorrow I will take time out to preach,
Maybe the message, it will me teach!
God can grab our attention,
In ways we never mention.

Now as I do finish this rhyme,
Feeling better about my time.
Thankyou Lord for speaking to me this way,
For giving me strength to face the day.


(Patience is a virtue)

Sometimes it is easier to wait than at others. It may be forced on us!

Nothing now to write,
With brain do fight.
How sad,
Too bad,
Next week I might!

Patience is a virtue,
Both for me and you.
We don't know?
Let's let go.
For it's so true.

Can you wait?
Am so late!
Will do.
You too?
You're a mate!


(Today's choices affect our eternal destiny.)

Yes, today's choices affect our eternal destiny. This poem just came to me as I was writing the PGIM newsletter. Aimed at me - aimed at you!

Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly,
Delicious treats are in here for you to try!
Should I go in, or should I stay out?
Want to find out, what it's all about!

So into the parlour I go,
Looks delicious, I know,
The web is so sparkling white,
On it, I alight with delight.

Now I go to lift my front leg,
Stuck - locked as with a peg!
I struggle my leg to release,
By now, having lost my peace.

Shouldn't have come in!
Knew it twas a sin!
Now can't get away!
Am here to stay!

My energy does all go,
I'm in my dying throe!
Be you all warned,
About sin scorned!
Or you'll end up here just like me,
Death in a web, don't you see!

But Jesus came, His forgiveness to give,
By repentance, through Him, we can live.
So when you are caught in the enticing web of life,
Call out to Him, to extract you from your strife.

Then away from that larder undertake to stay,
And He will remain with you all of the day,
Instead of the web, in His kingdom do play,
When temptation comes, to Him let us pray.

The web of life, is very nice,
Seems full of fun and spice,
But it will get you and me in the end,
Eternity in hell we will spend,
Unless we turn and walk the other way,
Then with Jesus we may forever stay.

Life all is about choice,
How to use our voice?
In praising Him,
Or seeped in sin?

Yes, about this life we do muse,
But what, will you and I, choose?


(Know not to outstay our welcome.)

Don't know how this came into my mind! But it did! maybe feeling guilty! Hope it helps.

There's a time to come and a time to go,
Which is which we never seem to know.
Not to outstay our welcome here,
Nor to be a nuisance there,
Give me wisdom Lord,
To be in Your accord.

Have no idea why I am writing this!
But trust the point I do not miss!
For we all have times when we should know to go,
But hang on we do, outstaying our welcome, saying yes when we should say no......

Just leave!
Don't grieve!
It's not the day,
For me to stay.

This simple lesson we must learn,
Many 'brownie points' then to earn.
Our welcome not overstaying,
And our hosts not dismaying.
Then they will be happy to have us return,
For us, the 'welcome mat', we will not burn.

This piece of sage advice
May keep us very nice,
In the eyes of others,
If not our mothers.

Reminds me now, her to visit,
Yes, for more than a minute!
For she brought me up, indeed she did,
Even at times, when I was a bad kid.
For mothers are more patient than most,
My responsibility to her, now foremost.

So I will visit her this afternoon,
Hope she will be over the moon.
Take her out in the car for a nice drive,
In the sunshine - so good to be alive!

To go or to stay?
Surely wisdom is needed.
For that I pray,
His advice to be heeded.


(A declaration.)

This came to me when I was wondering what to write. Now I have to live it!

I will walk with You.
I will talk with You.

I will seek You.
I will speak You.

I will crave You.
I will rave You.

I will submit to You.
I will remit to You.

I will bow to You.
I will vow to You.

I will grace You.
I will pace You.

I will, I will.
I will, I will!

So help me Lord!


(Well, maybe!)

Busyness and creativity are not good bedmates. But I tried!

Would like to write a poem
to express my creative side,
But first you need to 'knowem'
To be imaginative inside.

But that is just a struggle,
as with busyness I juggle.
So this offering will be very short,
Even though I have lot's to report.

Maybe next week I will have more time,
Time for the jingling bells to chime.
But then again, the weeks may be two,
Slipping both feet into a single shoe.
Or maybe three, or even four,
as we open, our new store,

Enough of this trash,
Now I must dash!
See you again soon,
Is what I croon,
Goodbye for now,
Don't be sour,
Still can smile,
Go extra mile.
Do wend,
The end!


(Nothing to write!)

When you suffer from lack of inspiration, real rubbish comes out!

My inspiration has gone,
Mind isn't switched on.
Oh dear, what shall I do,
Just haven't got a clue!

So a witty ditty I ought to write
In the hope all will be alright,
For you to entertain if not inform,
The purpose for which I was born?

But to entertain one must have a wit,
If one's not to become a total twit,
For from wit to twit is a very, very, very small jump,
A 't' for Tait or 't' for tea - just a tiny wee bump.

It's easy to write nonsense you see,
Likely send us both up the tree,
The view from the top is an amazing sight to behold,
If to climb back down to earth, we are not too old.

Well, this dribble has gone on long enough,
For I know you are made of sterner stuff.
You would not bother to waste your ink,
On verse that really is, simply stink.

Stuck in the tree,
That, you can see,
Of my own volition,
While on a mission.

Stop now!
Pow wow!
Bid you bye,
From the sky!


(What to write?)

I had no idea what to write today, so just started, and this is the result! Hope you find it an encouragement too, as I do!

I don't know what to write,
To be humble or to skite!
Which side of my nature will win?
To be godly - or maybe, to sin.

Life, day by day's a combination of good and bad,
Haven't reached perfection yet - 'tis most sad!
But I am letting my God work on it,
Though sometimes, I'm a real twit!

Why do I do wrong when I know what is right?
Do give up on God without even a fight!
But my God, He never gives up on me,
Nor will He - it's the same for thee!

He gives me the grace I don't deserve,
When on the path of life, I swerve,
One day to the left, another to the right,
When I stray away, He keeps me in sight.

Oh Lord, I thank you so much for all you do,
To keep me on your path, straight and true.
May my daily life become a reflection of You,
More like you Jesus, through and through.

Thank you my Lord for sticking with me,
With You, one plus one equals three!
You give me strength the enemy to fight,
When I'm with you, yes, life is right!


(Life's choices have consequences.)

All too often we don't consider the long term consequences of our choices in life.

Life comes, life goes,
Brings peaks, and lows.
We surely reap what we sow!
Our tide does ebb and flow.

When I look back on what I've done,
I see the storms, but also the sun.
For I have done good, at times been bad,
Sometimes am happy, sometimes am sad.

No, the time past I cannot now change,
But my future, yes, I may rearrange.
What will I do? Where will I go?
I may think, but God does know.

Will I put my life in His hand?
On His Rock, my days to stand.
Or will I build my house on the sand?
And His will for me, not understand.

Today I am charged to live the call.
Am I prepared to give Him my all?
Or will I continue in my earthly ways?
Seeking my own pleasure, all my days.

My time may well be short, it may be long,
Before joining Jesus, forever to belong,
What will He say that glorious day I see His face?
Knowing I've been saved, by His amazing grace.

Will it be, "Well done good and faithful servant",
Or will I seek my actions to quickly recant!
For on that day, I will surely see
The result of choices, made by me.

The past I can't change, the future neither,
But by my today's actions I can either
Build His kingdom here upon the earth,
Or make my own! My decision, my worth.

What will I do? Where will I go?
Will it be wheat or tares I sow?
Today I now have the choices to make,
Of what direction my life will take.

You too, my friend, today are in the very same boat,
To be a sheep of the Shepherd, or to be the goat.
What will be your choice of 'the way' to live?
All your life to Jesus, will you now give?

One day we will meet together with Jesus in heaven,
Having lived lives of fruitfulness, or of leaven.
The choices we now make on earth today,
Do determine what role we will play.

Let's now look towards
Our heavenly rewards.
The choice is mine,
The choice is thine!


(A look ahead.)

What will the new year bring?

Running out of time,
Another year's over,
A lemon or a lime?
It's over Rover!

Can't change the past,
Memories will last.
Of good things done,
Others, not begun.

2009's nearly here
Let us be of good cheer,
And not turn the recession,
Into personal depression.

Money may well be tight,
But there's still light,
Jesus is ever on the throne,
No matter how much we groan.

Come into His presence,
Experience the essence,
Of His grace and glory,
In the heavenly story.

"Rest in my goodness,
With thankfulness,
For I am the Lord,
Me you can afford.

I am always here for you,
Will ever see you through,
You're in the palm of my hand,
With me, forever you'll stand.

Come now and rest in me,
One plus one is three,
My love for you is always free,
Accept it, then you will see.

One day the world will end,
Eternity with me to spend,
But now, come build my kingdom here on earth,
You're my precious pearl, beyond all worth."


(The clock stops for no man - or woman!)

Today Sunday, I was late starting to write PGIM, for I listened in the early morning on the radio to the New Zealand 'All Blacks' beating Ireland 22-3 in a Rugby Union international. By way of explanation, the game was played in Ireland, who are currently 11 hours behind New Zealand time. Finally, coming to write, A David Musing, I had no inspiration, so asked the Lord what to write! 'A poem!' 'No Lord, takes too long! 'Call it Tick Tock!' (God has a sense of humour!) 'Okay Lord.' The result follows. And it didn't take too long, after all!

Hours fly by,
Oh me, oh my!
Deadlines come, deadlines go,
Need to go, with the flow.

Tick tock goes the clock.

The day dawns nice and bright,
Summer's here, heaps of light.
Enjoy the sun,
Have some fun.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Months do pass,
All too fast.
Christmas will soon be here,
Time of goodwill and cheer.

Tick tock goes the clock.

The years, they roll by,
Oh my, how they fly!
From youth, onwards to middle age,
Life proceeds, stage by stage.

Tick tock goes the clock.

A new generation takes the stage,
What's happened? 'Tis called age!
Time flies by now, even faster,
Get ready to meet thy master!

Tick tock goes the clock.

The clock stops... silence reigns.
Now is it loss, or is it gains?
Where will you be the day your time is up?
In hell, or in heaven, with Jesus to sup?


(Playing with words.)

My wife likes crosswords. I prefer Sudoku. But it is fun to play with words occasionally!

It's amusing
Is no musing.
Mind abusing.
Now accusing.
Brain fusing.
Never 'using'!


(Sometimes writing is not easy!)

Life goes on, even when you don't! The tyranny of deadlines!

What 2 write?
I don't know.
A 'word byte'?
Only 'so so'.

Had the flu,
Perhaps U2?
Not much fun,
Work 2b done!

But we survive,
Am still alive!
Better next week,
With U2 speak!


(A story of waiting patiently for the Lord to act.)

Written over several weeks, this poem is the culmination of several months of looking and looking, and looking, for premises for another recycled clothing shop in our sister city, 20km away. Everything happens in the Lord's timing!

Look, look, look,
It's all it took,
Not by the book,
Nor how to cook.

Look at one,
Yes, its done!
Too much mon,
It's no fun.

But this week?
More to seek.
Find no leak,
Must be meek.

Offer Tuesday,
Answer Friday.
Delayed Monday!
Relaxed today.

More delay,
Here stay.
Only pray.
One day!

Met landlord,
Seeming accord.
All aboard?
Monday Lord!

Contract signed!
Grateful mind.
God's kind,
We dined!

All's well,
Ring bell.
Clothes sell?
Months tell!

Thanks Lord.
Praises afford,
Welcome aboard!


(Not a good one!)

We need to understand that even after coming to Jesus, we have both good and bad weeks. I hope this encourages you that you are not alone!

I would like to write good things about this week,
With a magnificent achievement of which to speak.
But reality is, the week's been hard!
Really, truly, caught me off guard!

Would love to have huge shop sales of which to skite,
But to be truthful, Kathy and I just had a fight!
It doesn't happen very often between her and me,
Been together for thirty-eight years, you see.

But all is now well, for we finally sorted things out.
After a slow week, on Saturday, sales turned about,
You see, all in all, I can't now complain,
Life wouldn't be life, without some pain.

If life was a bed of roses, from week to week,
My Jesus I would have, no real need to seek.
But life, like roses, does have thorns,
We all have, both good and bad morns.

So I do hope this little ditty may now encourage you,
That in tough times, light can still shine through.
For Jesus has come, not the perfect to save,
Nor the streets of earth, with gold to pave.

But to offer us comfort and support through life,
Also to correct us, when we argue with the wife!
For in Him, we have a friend in whom we can trust,
Until that day we too, go from 'dust to dust'.

Then we can be with Him in heaven, forever to reign,
No more worries, no more arguments, no more pain.
"But first Lord, establish Your kingdom here on earth,
So as a very human human, I may be of some worth."

This week I will again seek to become more like Him,
Spiritual sails, to His wind of wisdom, will I trim.
"Lord, please mould me in your image,
May I truly grow into your visage."


(Brain getting rusty!)

Just thinking that I haven't written a poem for quite a while so maybe will have a go now - before I forget how!

Don't know what to write about.
Something that will have clout.
Should it be all about me?
No! Well - how about thee?

That might be intersting for we all like to hear about ourself,
Particularly it is nice and complementary, off the top shelf.
But the problem is that I don't know you personally, do you see,
So what can I say about you, not knowing if you're she or he!

Time is moving on,
Nearly time it is for bed,
The day is now gone,
The seconds, each has sped.

So what can I say that is of great note?
Before I have to leave, put on my coat.
Go out into the night and wend my way home,
In the darkness, to our wee abode to roam.

My wife Kathy, now she is not there.
Visiting her mother, do not despair,
She will be home tomorrow, I am so sure,
Returning from her travelling adventure.

So now I will go and cuddle the cat.
Oops - recall I can't now do that,
For she died some weeks ago - very sad.
So I'm all by myself; that's very bad.

But no, no, no! I do now remember!
Whether it be April or September,
I have my Jesus with me always you see,
So I wont be lonely, there's He and me.

I hope now, that's true for you too.
In the bed - even when on the loo!
He is a friend upon whom we all can rely,
When you are lonely, give Jesus a try.